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April 28, 2011

Day 47: Reason #2 Why Small Dogs Are More Convenient Than Big Dogs

They eat a whole lot less.

Bailey weighs about 15 lbs, and we feed him 1 cup of food a day.  We buy a 15 lb bag and it lasts us well over a month for just Bailey (although it obviously goes faster when we are fostering and have 2 mouths to feed).   We feed Bailey Taste of the Wild which is one of the best manufactured kibbles on the market in my opinion.   At about 28 dollars per 15 lb bag per month, we spend less than 1 dollar a day to feed Bailey.  I don’t even think twice about the money that we spend on food for Bailey, because it’s so negligible.   I’m sure I would have a very different opinion if I had a big dog though and was having to spend 3 times that amount.  It adds up and the difference is massive in a month, year, and lifetime of your dog.  The same goes for treats.

Also, going along with this same topic, they eat less, so they have smaller poops :P

For today’s photo, I was going to just have Bailey pose with a cup of his dog food.  The creativity wasn’t flowing so that was the best idea I had lol.  However, Bailey decided that he couldn’t ignore the food next to him so kept trying to eat it.  After trying a whole lot of unsuccessful “leave it”s I gave in and just let him eat from the cup as I snapped photos :P

April 4, 2011

Day 23: Reason #1 Why Small Dogs Are More Convenient Than Big Dogs

A comment left in a previous post made me start thinking of “Big Dogs vs Small Dogs.”

I personally always grew up with big dogs.  Up until 2nd grade, my family had a Siberian Husky, Mork.  From 4th grade until my sophmore year of college, we had a yellow lab, Bear.  Once Bear passed away, I couldn’t wait to have a dog again, and I was convinced that the next dog I owned would be another “big dog.”

That was all when I lived in New Jersey on 9 acres of land.  Then I moved outside of Boston and started living in a little 2 bedroom condo on the middle floor of a 3 family house with a small yard.  When I talked my boyfriend into us getting a dog, suddenly a big dog didn’t seem all that practical.

I love dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  I am the epitome of what you would call a “dog person” and don’t believe that any type of dog is better than another, big, small, pure-bred, mutt (though it is important to choose the right dog that fits in your home and family).  Though I still absolutely love big dogs and hope one day to live somewhere with the room again for a big dog in the future, I have come to realize the convenience of having small dogs.

So this all gave me an idea for a series of photos for my blog.  I’m not going to do these all in a row.  I’m not going to do them all on a certain day of the week like my “Timewarp Tuesday” Posts.  They will show up randomly and they will be titled “Reason __ why Small Dogs are More Convenient Than Big Dogs.”   These posts aren’t meant to be “small dogs are better” because as I said before, I don’t believe they are.  However I think most people can agree that they can be way more convenient in many ways.

Soooooooooo… after that big long introduction…

Todays 1st reason…

because they are easier to exercise indoors when the weather is bad.

I love the fact that when it is pouring rain outside (like today) I can still get Bailey a decent amount of exercise indoors.  Walking Bailey outside in the rain just isn’t an option, because the dog absolutely hates the rain.  So on days like this, if I want to give Bailey exercise I can play fetch with him down the hallway and it is actually a decent little run for his little legs. For a big dog, it would be like 4 steps.  I can also set up Bailey’s agility jumps and/or tunnel in the living room for him to play with.  I think our 100 year old house would feel like it was going to collapse if I tried to do indoor agility with a big dog.

So there we go.. Reason Number 1 why small dogs are more convenient (not better!) than big dogs.  I am looking forward to making a series of this and posting more :)

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