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May 31, 2011

Day 80: Flower Photography

I’m interrupting Bailey’s blog with some flowers instead of dogs today.

I originally went outside to photograph a small flower which had popped up in a crack in our driveway.  I noticed it this morning when I took Bailey out to go the bathroom, but the bud had closed up again since this morning.  Instead, I decided to take some photos of the rose bushes and other flowers in our yard that had recently bloomed.

There is something I love about photographing flowers at f/1.4 and the intense bokeh that you get at this setting.   Also, the first pink flowers may look like I really increased the saturation in the photos, but no, those are completely natural colors, and they really are that vibrant in person.

Your regular scheduled Bailey photos will resume tomorrow.

May 30, 2011

Day 79: Holidays should be exempt from blogging

It’s Memorial Day, and the last thing I felt like doing today was taking a photo for the blog.  However the point of the 365 project is a photo every day, so the blog must go on.

So here’s a simple of photo of Bailey on the chair on our deck outside enjoying this beautiful summer weather that has started this weekend.  For people here in the United States, in addition to a being a day to honor the people in our military, past and present,  it is also the unofficial kick-off of Summer.  Mother Nature hasn’t fallen a step behind, and we have had beautiful 80 degree weather here for the past few days.  Summer is definitely upon us.

May 29, 2011

Day 78: Strike a Pose

Bailey is a pet photographer’s dream.  Not only does he have extremely dashing good looks, but I couldn’t ask for a more cooperative model.

Before I started this blog, Bailey was already a very photogenic and cooperative model.   What was already great has become even better though.  Bailey literally poses himself now.  It used to be that I would put him in a position, tell him to stay, and he would stay there and look at the camera.  Now I take him to where I want to take the picture, and he somehow reads my mind and puts himself exactly where he needs to be, giving me his full and completely undivided attention as I snap my photos.

I decided to a stairwell photoshoot today for a little change of scenery.  We went into the stairwell, and I got myself in position on the first landing, and Bailey plopped himself right down on the stairs, on the perfect step for the photos.  At first he sat for some photos.  Then he laid down for some.  All attention completely on me and the camera.  I literally did not have to give him a single command.  He did it all on his own.  He amazes me everyday.

May 29, 2011

Sarah’s Maternity Photoshoot

Here are some additional photos from the maternity shoot that I shot yesterday (and talked about in yesterday’s blog entry).  It was a learning experience for me as a photographer, and a challenge at times to get the two dogs (or rather Brewster) to cooperate, but it was a lot of fun and I think we got some keepers in the bunch.   Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.

The first part of the session we were attempting to get some photos of just Sarah and the dogs.  Brewster wasn’t wanting anything to do with it, so the first few shots were just of Milton and Sarah.  Milton was ever so happy just to lay by his mom’s side.  Milton was their “first child,” and as you can tell is the biggest cuddle bug ever.

We were finally able to get Brewster’s attention for the belly kissing photos that Sarah wanted.

Then we even rounded him up for some family shots.

Finally getting Brewster’s attention…

This photo would have been perfect had Sarah and Larry been ready for it.  I absolutely love Milton’s expression but unfortunately I snapped this too soon so Sarah’s hands aren’t relaxed and ready yet.

Baby George should be here in just a few weeks.  Maybe I’ll get to take some newborn photos of him when he arrives :)

May 28, 2011

Day 77: Uncooperative

Today I took maternity photos of a friend, her husband, and two dogs.  I was pretty excited because it was my first “official” photoshoot.  I was also really nervous though.  I’m totally confident in my ability to photograph dogs.  I’ve never been confident in my ability to photograph people though.

Overall I’m happy with how the photos came out.  There were definitely some keepers, but also some lessons learned.  We had two phases of our photoshoot.  Phase 1 involving both the dogs.  Phase 2 just Sarah and Larry.  Phase 1 was challenging.   Milton was happy just to lay down and hang out by his mom.  Brewster on the other hand just wanted to do what he wanted to do… like roll around in the grass.  Which gave me a great capture of him, but not necessarily what we were going for with the maternity photos ;) However we did eventually get him to cooperate so I could snap a few good photos of the 4 (or rather 5) of them.

p.s.  You might remember Brewster from Bailey’s birthday party.  He was the one who stuffed like 7 toys into his mouth.

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