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April 17, 2011

Day 36: A Day to Rest and Catch Up

Just like you would probably have guessed,  today has been a very low-key day for us.  After Bailey’s party yesterday, it has been a day just to relax and do nothing.   As you can see,  Bailey was enjoying a little cuddle on the couch with his hedgehog, one of his new birthday toys.  Thanks Liz!

Since we clearly haven’t done anything interesting today, I’m using this blog to catch up on some random stuff and news.

By popular request, here is Brewster in all his ridiculous glory yesterday with as many toys as possible stuffed into that Lab mouth of his.   In this photo he actually has 6 things stuffed in his mouth.   He had a hoof chew, a platypus, a turtle, a bear, a pig, and Lamby.

and a video

A piece of good news… The rescue group that we foster for (Great Dog Rescue New England) was having a meet and greet for our dogs that are up for adoption and currently being fostered here in New England.  We did not attend with Jay.  Why?  Well, it’s pretty safe to say, though not official, that he has found his forever home.  A couple came to meet him yesterday evening, and they seemed to be the perfect match and everything I would want for him.  Of course, they fell in love with Jay as well. Although they said that before they even met him, they were already pretty sure they wanted him based on his photos and everything they heard about him.  There are still a couple steps to finish up in the process, but Jay should be getting his forever home very soon.  We’ll be sad to see him go, as we always are, but it makes it so much easier when you know that they are going to such great homes.  We have a tradition of taking “final goodbye photos” with our fosters so I’m sure you’ll be seeing those with Jay in a few days.

Here are a couple of videos of Jay and Bailey as well…

Here is just Jay being super cute

and here is Bailey and Jay playing

April 6, 2011

Day 25: Meet Bailey’s Newest Foster Brother

I got to meet our newest foster dog, Jay, today.  He’ll officially be coming to our home on Friday.

As I’ve mentioned previously, our rescue gets our dogs from Tennessee and by Massachusetts law, they must complete a 48 quarantine after coming into the state.  So our dogs are transported up on Wednesdays usually, do their 48 hour quartine at our kennel facility, and go to their adopted or foster homes on Friday.  I helped out today at the kennel with getting the dogs off transport and their vet visits, so I got to meet and spend a little time with Jay.

He is such a sweetheart.  He just hung out quietly in his kennel and tried to give me kisses through the gate whenever I walked by and said hello to him.  He was very quiet, which is always a good sign when other dogs are barking their heads off in the kennel.  When I would sit down with him, he would just climb into my lap for a good cuddle.

Did I mention he is really photogenic too?  I took my camera so I could take a few pictures and he photographs sooooo well.  Such a handsome boy.  I’m sure he’ll find a home in no time, but I think I am going to really enjoy his temporary stay.

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