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June 7, 2011

Day 87: Time Warp Tuesday #5

Return of Time Warp Tuesday this week!  A simple photo trying to re-create Bailey and some leaves in our garden.   I always imagined his thoughts in the original photo being like “Woah, these leaves are bigger than me!”  I like how his expression has changed from the original to today’s photo.  In the first photo it looks like Bailey is a little timid towards the leaves and unsure of them because they are so big.  In today’s photo, his head is held high and he’s like “psh you little leaves don’t scare me.”

The original:

I’ve been non-stop editing Costa Rica photos to try to catch up and finish them before Craig’s parents come up this weekend so that we can show them all of our photos.  I also promised a couple we met that I would send them the wildlife photos from a tour we went on so I needed to finish them up.  I’ll probably do a post soon with my favorite wildlife images from Costa Rica.  There are way too many to post them all.

April 19, 2011

Day 38: Time Warp Tuesday #4

A simple Time Warp Tuesday photo.

When Bailey was a puppy we took him kayaking once.  He had his adorable little life-jacket, and I snapped some photos of him before we went.  You can tell he didn’t (and doesn’t) agree about his life-jacket being so adorable.

As he grew, he obviously outgrew his life-jacket.  I could barely get it on him now.  The velcro part around his body doesn’t overlap at all anymore, although the straps still buckle if I extend them out as far as they can go.  The part that goes around his neck just barely reaches with the velcro, however there is no hope of it buckling unless we want to choke the life out of him, which we don’t.  I kind of like my puppy being able to breathe. That might also defeat the purpose of a “life”jacket.  You can see how it only covers 1/2 of his body now.

Despite the fact that Bailey will never use this life jacket ever again, I still have it.  I’m a hoarder when it comes to Bailey’s old stuff, much to Craig’s complaints.  I don’t know why, but I have a hard time throwing out Bailey’s things, even though he will clearly never use them again.  We have a box (or a couple)  full of old, 1/2 killed toys.  Why do we have them in a box and they haven’t gotten trashed a lot time ago?  I have no clue.  I don’t know if its a sentimental thing or just pure laziness.  Probably a bit of both.

Fun fact, Jay’s new dad (which will be official tonight most likely) actually works at the kayak rental place where we went kayaking with Bailey.  We should probably get Bailey a new lifejacket so we can go kayaking again this summer and visit Jay since he’ll be accompanying his dad to work :)

The original photo:

I still can’t believe Bailey’s hair used to be that straight.

April 12, 2011

Day 31: Time Warp Tuesday #3

Today’s Time Warp Tuesday just didn’t work out the way I wanted.  We were trying to recreate the following photo, which is pretty much one of my favorite photos of Bailey and Craig.  It was taken the first night that we brought Bailey home.  It was absolutely candid.  I was taking just normal pictures of them both on the chair smiling, and I managed to capture this photo in the perfect moment.

The problem with recreating this photo is that Bailey has been trained to pose for my camera.  As soon as he sees it, he is looking at me so I can take his picture… which is great, except for when I am trying to capture moments like the one above.  We couldn’t get him interested in giving his daddy a kiss because “Mommy’s big black box is out, and I’m supposed to look at her whenever she puts it up to her face.”  After many attempts and ideas to trick Bailey with food on Craig’s mouth, we gave up.  Bailey was getting frustrated as well.  “I don’t know what you want from me, Mom! I’m looking at the black box!”

Today’s entry also marks 1 month for my blog being online :)  With over 7,500 hits, I think we’ve had a pretty great start :)  I’m also 1/12 of the way finished with my 365 project.  Thanks to everyone who bothers to read :)

March 29, 2011

Day 17: Time Warp Tuesday #2

So the story behind this picture is a funny one.  I’ve talked about how I would diagnose Bailey with ADD.  Well, there are times when I would diagnose him with OCD as well.  The time when the original photo was taken is one of those times.

Bailey was about 6 months old at the time.  One evening he decided to bring all of his toys over to our kitchen door.  Every.  Single.  One.  (Well the ones that were out for him)  He was so meticulous about all his toys being in THAT spot.  So of course, me  being the mean mother that I am, I decided to see what he would do if I moved them.  So one by one, I picked up his toys and moved them back into the living room, and yep, one by one, Bailey moved them back by the door.  I somewhat remember him giving me really mean looks during that time too like, “What are you doing with my toys, Mom?  I put them there for a reason!  Geez, now I need to move them back all over again!”

Dogs are silly sometimes.

Here is the inspiration photo.  You can see Bailey was in his transitional phase at this time.  His coat wasn’t as thin and wispy as it was in our first TWT post when he was a little puppy.  It was starting to thicken up, however it was still pretty straight.

March 22, 2011

Day 10: Time Warp Tuesday

I am going to start a new theme specially for Tuesdays.  I’m using this idea from an old friend who used to post old photos of herself from childhood every Tuesday.  However I decided to change it a bit to work with my 365, since it would be cheating to use old photos instead of taking a photo that day.

So my time-warp Tuesday is to re-create photos of Bailey when he was a puppy.  I will post today’s photo as well as the old photo which it will be based off of.

There will be 2 fun results of this Tuesday theme.  One would be that you can see the differences of Bailey as a puppy and now.  Two is you can (hopefully) see the improvement in my photography.

So here is the original photo that inspired today’s.   This photo was taken the day after we brought Bailey home.  He was about 14 weeks old.  We live in a 3 story house on the 2nd floor and it was taken on the stairs leading up to our kitchen.

I’m always amazed at how Bailey has changed from a little puppy into his current adult self.  His puppy coat was completely different than his adult coat.  His coat was so straight and thin and wispy.  As he grew, his coat thickened and became more wavy (although curly in places like his neck and butt).  It is completely different. Also despite being a very cute puppy, I have always thought that Bailey actually got cuter as he got older.

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