Day 47: Reason #2 Why Small Dogs Are More Convenient Than Big Dogs

They eat a whole lot less.

Bailey weighs about 15 lbs, and we feed him 1 cup of food a day.  We buy a 15 lb bag and it lasts us well over a month for just Bailey (although it obviously goes faster when we are fostering and have 2 mouths to feed).   We feed Bailey Taste of the Wild which is one of the best manufactured kibbles on the market in my opinion.   At about 28 dollars per 15 lb bag per month, we spend less than 1 dollar a day to feed Bailey.  I don’t even think twice about the money that we spend on food for Bailey, because it’s so negligible.   I’m sure I would have a very different opinion if I had a big dog though and was having to spend 3 times that amount.  It adds up and the difference is massive in a month, year, and lifetime of your dog.  The same goes for treats.

Also, going along with this same topic, they eat less, so they have smaller poops :P

For today’s photo, I was going to just have Bailey pose with a cup of his dog food.  The creativity wasn’t flowing so that was the best idea I had lol.  However, Bailey decided that he couldn’t ignore the food next to him so kept trying to eat it.  After trying a whole lot of unsuccessful “leave it”s I gave in and just let him eat from the cup as I snapped photos :P


10 Comments to “Day 47: Reason #2 Why Small Dogs Are More Convenient Than Big Dogs”

  1. I like to say that small dogs make one-handed poops and big dogs make two-handed :) I have two small dogs that I feed about as much as Bailey so it’s really like owning one medium dog but to me the cost to feed them is still insignificant. I one less $40 dinner out a month covers all their routine monthly costs. Yay, small dogs! :)

    • Bailey’s big friend Fenway is about 80 lbs. It is laughable trying to pick up one of his poops with the poop bags we use for Bailey. It really makes me appreciate Bailey’s little nuggets :P

  2. It may not be the photo you planned but it’s so cute anyway! :)

  3. I think it not only has to do with a dogs size but their activity level. Luna has been lazy lately so while she weighs 40 lbs she only gets 1.5 to 2 cups a day. Granted I feed one of the best kibbles IMO, at 51 bucks for 33 pounds I don’t feel like I do bad at all considering how good of a food it is. I got sick of paying Petco prices for food I didn’t totally trust. And also with better food comes less poop too. I’m not contradicting what you’re saying, I agree, just adding my experience. I feed Great Life kibble, and I really should do a post on what I feed Luna (as if anyone would care lol)
    Anyway, they do indeed cost less to feed, and the poop issue is nice too though I’m not complaining about ours much, raw helps with that too.
    Cute photo btw, sometimes you just have to pick your battles

    • I had never heard of Great Life. I just looked it up, and it does look like a great food. No local stores by us sell it it looks like, and shipping is almost as much as a bag.

      • yeah that’s the kicker with that brand (great Life), it can be hard to find. I was really sold when I switched an american bulldog who was here for training to it… She was already on a special food, sensitive stomach but had never had a poop solid enough to pick up… switched her to that and in 3 days she was almost normal. Insane considering we tried lots of other aids.

        now I recommend it very often to clients who have food issues. Sure there are probably better foods out there, but for the price it’s a fantastic food. Wonder if you suggested a store look into carrying it?

        Bottom line it’s about finding a food your dog does well on, I am picky due to having a high energy hunting dog who I also show.

        As far as Raw foods, i was very happy with Wolfies when I used it too as a supplement..

        But I shall hush ;-)

      • I definitely agree about how important it is to find a food that YOUR dog does well on. What works for some, doesn’t work for others.

        We’ve been very happy with Taste of the Wild since we have switched to it. Bailey has done great on a lamb protein diet and I love that TOTW has a grainless lamb version where lamb is the only protein source. So many foods tend to try to bulk up the protein with chicken meal and whatnot, and it makes it tough when you are trying to limit ingredients. We feed it to all of our foster dogs as well and they have all had nothing but great poops with it too (only true dog people can talk about poop consistency so casually and be excited by “good” poops lol). It also did wonders with Jay who came to us with the worst dandruff and dry skin and coat. Within just a week of being with us, his dandruff was gone and you could see the difference in his coat. I really think the food made a huge difference in him.

  4. That photo of the cup is a real good incentive to choose a small dog over a big dog. It does add up the more pets you have and the bigger they are.

  5. What about medium doggys? I’m a medium Dog, I sure can’t fit in a purse, but I’m more to cuddle – let’s not go there with poop size, Mum can only just cope…..tee hee

    Have a great day,

    Snoopy :)

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