Day 89: Capturing Expressions

I realized today that I use a lot of photos of Bailey where he is looking out of the side of one of his eyes.  It is one of my favorite expressions to capture of his.  I think the reason why I tend to prefer photos of him like this is because of his dark eyes.  Bailey’s eyes are very very dark brown, which normally just appear black in both photos and real life.  When I am able to capture that little bit of white in his eyes, I feel like it adds so much more expression and personality in his face.  It also makes him look a little mischievous.

Thanks for everyone’s comments on the new watermark/logo in yesterday’s post.  I’m torn between the new and the old.  The opinions in the previous thread seem to be split down the middle.  I agree with most everyones points about the two.  They are definitely different as well so there are ups and downs to each.  I liked my old one, but I felt like it was too obtrusive and bulky in photos.  However I am really liking the simplicity of the new one.  One problem that I ran into with the old watermark was that I had to place it in a corner because it would be too distracting anywhere else in the photo, and there wouldn’t always be room, or the right colored background for it in the corners, or it would throw off the overall composition of the photo.  The new one can pretty much go wherever in the photos without bringing too much attention away from the picture.  I’m leaning towards keeping this design for the photos, however still using the old design whenever I get off my butt and make/order business cards.



7 Comments to “Day 89: Capturing Expressions”

  1. cute photo, nice lighting again, and I see what you’re saying about expressions.

    I like the little logo in this watermark but IMO it’s not bold enough to prevent stealing. Maybe a thicker font would fix it and slightly larger, if you are bothered by how it affects the photos (which I am too with my own Watermark ideas) just play around with the fill amount of it, or layer type (multiply, screen, overlay).

    I hate having to use a watermark, but like how it makes it a bit more official. And my hope is I can make it a little harder for someone to steal my image with minimal effort… not like anyone really is. Sad where things have gone, but the upside of little ones is sometimes people leave them, and then your name gets out there. No reason you can’t keep playing, it can evolve as your photography does. I must admit I did not design the ones I’m using now, my friend did ;-)
    Good luck

    • I’m not too concerned about image theft. The watermark/logos are more of just a branding, advertising, putting your name out there sort of thing. I agree that it just makes it more official and since my photography is something I hope to go somewhere with one day, I like using one.

      With the reality of it, if someone wants to steal an image they will find a way no matter what, unless you have the subject in your photo watermarked across their face. A lot of people who steal images will just crop logos out if they are down on the bottom or top or sides. That is the easiest way. The new watermark protects against that because I can place it more in the middle of the photo without it being obtrusive and therefore its not easily cropable. If someone is going to go through the trouble of cloning out a watermark, it doesn’t really matter what it looks like, unless you again put it on top of something important in the photo that is hard to clone. That’s just the way I see it though.

  2. I wasn’t online yesterday or the day before, so I missed this thread. But after reading this, I’d say keep them both and use the larger one in photos where you’re advertising your work (or stock photos, if you participate in that) and really want your logo noticed; use the smaller one in pictures that have a quieter tone and appear in articles and such. Great idea to use the first logo on your business cards.

    Just my two cents.

  3. I think raising daisy makes a good point.

  4. I LOVE it when Miss Maple exposes the whites of her eyes! You’re right, they are so expressive that way. My husband, for some reason, finds it creepy and prefers that she gazes at him with her round brown eyes 8O

  5. They say every artist is their own worst critic. I think your old logo did not interfier with viewing pleasure. at least for me. The only time it seemed to looked very out of place was on the photos of, hmmm cant remember the details….was it a wedding? no wait, it was the baby shower pics. You know the ones I mean?

    Once people associate a logo with something, they tend to expect it to be there and don’t even notice its presence anymore. At least they don’t notice in the way that you the author will notice, i mean.

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