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April 30, 2011

Day 49: He’s ready for his close up :)

Most people would look at this photo and be like “What? He had a haircut?” but yes, Bailey did indeed get groomed today, and he did actually get a lot of hair cut off. We like to keep Bailey on the longer side though. He just looks a whole lot cuter a little long, curly, and disheveled. Prim and proper isn’t Bailey’s best look. He’s a shaggy dog, and proud of it. Whenever he comes home from the groomer, although he is cute, I have to resist the urge to get him wet so that his hair curls back up and isn’t so straight. Normally I can convince myself not to by just continually running my fingers through his soft cotton fur.

He always smells soooooooo good when he comes home too. His “freshly groomed” smell lasts so long. Even after many days of the dog park and daily life, he will still have that wonderful smell.


Also, in other news, Craig and I will be Costa Rica bound in exactly 1 week.  So flipping excited.  We have been debating 2 options for the Daily Bailey photos.  Option #1, I can photoshop him into the Costa Rica photos.  Option #2,  we get a big (preferrably cardboard) print out of Bailey which we set up for various photos throughout our trip.  Option #2 will probably result in many people thinking we are absolute nutjobs, but its definitely the more amusing option of the two lol.  What do you guys think?

Although I’ll have a daily photo for each day we are gone, the photos will not be posted daily during that week, which is totally understandable right? I’ll be in Costa Rica!  I will edit and post them all when we return, and I’ll just backdate the posts.

As for where Bailey will be while we are in Costa Rica, he’ll be having a weeklong sleepover with Gaston.

April 29, 2011

Day 48: Dogs look really silly when they run

Bailey’s best friend Gaston came over this afternoon to play.  It is quite amusing to photograph them as they are running together because of the expressions that it captures on their faces.

One thing I love about my new camera is that in burst mode, it can take up to 8 frame per second.  I compare the sound of my shutter to a machine gun as it rapidly fires photos.  It’s so fast.  The auto focus also does a decent job at tracking the moving subject and results in some great action photos.  The fact that the grass hasn’t been cut in a long time messed up the focus in quite a few shots though.  My camera many times wanted to focus on the tall grass/weeds instead of the dogs.  I really can’t wait to photograph Bailey doing agility stuff with this camera because of it’s fast shooting.  We just haven’t gotten around to taking out any of his gear lately.

Here are a some extras.

Bailey grinning as he runs.  I love the little smirk on his face and the mischief in his eyes.

Gaston just looks plain silly

I love Gaston’s ears in this next one.

A couple of them wrestling/chewing on each other.  I kinda love the first one how they are just twisted together, but you can see Bailey’s teeth lol

and to finish it off, one portrait of Gaston because he’s so handsome

Also, to all my blogging buddies, I have a lot of posts to catch up on on the weekend. I don’t know what it has been lately, but I’ve been so tired and barely have enough energy to get up my own daily posts, let alone read and comment on all my subscriptions. I’ll be around soon though to catch up with what everyone has been up to :)

April 28, 2011

Day 47: Reason #2 Why Small Dogs Are More Convenient Than Big Dogs

They eat a whole lot less.

Bailey weighs about 15 lbs, and we feed him 1 cup of food a day.  We buy a 15 lb bag and it lasts us well over a month for just Bailey (although it obviously goes faster when we are fostering and have 2 mouths to feed).   We feed Bailey Taste of the Wild which is one of the best manufactured kibbles on the market in my opinion.   At about 28 dollars per 15 lb bag per month, we spend less than 1 dollar a day to feed Bailey.  I don’t even think twice about the money that we spend on food for Bailey, because it’s so negligible.   I’m sure I would have a very different opinion if I had a big dog though and was having to spend 3 times that amount.  It adds up and the difference is massive in a month, year, and lifetime of your dog.  The same goes for treats.

Also, going along with this same topic, they eat less, so they have smaller poops :P

For today’s photo, I was going to just have Bailey pose with a cup of his dog food.  The creativity wasn’t flowing so that was the best idea I had lol.  However, Bailey decided that he couldn’t ignore the food next to him so kept trying to eat it.  After trying a whole lot of unsuccessful “leave it”s I gave in and just let him eat from the cup as I snapped photos :P

April 27, 2011

Day 46: The Ground is White Again

This is the white stuff that I don’t mind though.  We have some sort of tree blossoming in our yard, and as a result our yard is being covered by white petals.  I had already planned on this being the shot today, but I was hoping for a little more coverage.  I’m sure in a few more days there will be a nice blanket.

April 26, 2011

Day 45: Just One of Those Days

Sorry for those that it may disappoint, but no Time Warp Tuesday today.  I had an exhausting day at work, and I just wasn’t in the mood for it.  Bailey apparently wasn’t in the mood for it either.  I have been home for almost 2 hours now and he has yet to move from that bed.   I don’t know why he’s so tired… all he does is sleep all day anyway.  Sometimes I really wish I was a dog.

I even realized just now when I was adding the image to today’s post that my font size in my watermark got messed up.  I am so tired that I am not even going to bother to fix it.  It’s just been one of those days.

This is my second day shooting RAW and I can’t say that I like it.  I know when I get the post-processing down that I will like that extra control of the images, however for now, I feel like its really messing with my photo quality. Oh well, just another thing to add to the list.

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