Day 87: Time Warp Tuesday #5

Return of Time Warp Tuesday this week!  A simple photo trying to re-create Bailey and some leaves in our garden.   I always imagined his thoughts in the original photo being like “Woah, these leaves are bigger than me!”  I like how his expression has changed from the original to today’s photo.  In the first photo it looks like Bailey is a little timid towards the leaves and unsure of them because they are so big.  In today’s photo, his head is held high and he’s like “psh you little leaves don’t scare me.”

The original:

I’ve been non-stop editing Costa Rica photos to try to catch up and finish them before Craig’s parents come up this weekend so that we can show them all of our photos.  I also promised a couple we met that I would send them the wildlife photos from a tour we went on so I needed to finish them up.  I’ll probably do a post soon with my favorite wildlife images from Costa Rica.  There are way too many to post them all.


11 Comments to “Day 87: Time Warp Tuesday #5”

  1. Great photos! I love your Time Warp days! Looking forward to your wildlife images :)

  2. I’m smitten with puppy Bailey!

  3. Oh, what a perfect time warp. Same place, same angle, same plants…only the grass looks a bit different, my guess is that you’ve taken the photos at slightly different times (i.e. beginning of June vs. end of June). It’s amazing to look back and see how much they’ve changed and grown…Puppy Bailey was definitely cute, but somehow I think the adult Bailey is more handsome. He’s one of those men who look better with age ;)

    • The first picture was taken in July. This one was obviously taken yesterday. I completely agree with you about grown up Bailey vs puppy Bailey. I am of the firm belief that he actually got cuter as he got older. I mean, he was a cute puppy but he got cuter as he aged. It has a lot to do with how his coat changed I think.

  4. Great comparison — this is nicely done. He’s a great poser, isn’t he?

  5. I love imagining what they could be thinking. Katy seems so facinated with the various plants.

  6. He really got handosme with age. This idea of time warping is cool.

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