Going on a Blogging Hiatus

So this past weekend of non-blogging felt soooooo good.  A little too good in fact as it has made me not want to return to the blogging world anytime soon.

Now before you panic, I’m not abandoning this blog for good. I’m just taking a short time to relax and focus on enjoying life rather than recording it.  I’m thinking it will be a couple weeks or so.  A blogging vacation if you will.  For all I know, I could return next week.  I have a feeling I won’t be gone longer than a month.  Most likely returning after the 4th of July.

I just need a longer break to re-charge, and then hopefully when I return Daily Bailey will be even better than before :)

As far as my 365 project goes,  I’m not quitting.  It is just on pause.   I know that kinda breaks the “rules” of the project, but you know what?  I don’t care.  :P  When I return, I’ll pick back up with Day 90 and continue on.  While I have really enjoyed doing this project at times, I’m not going to let it rule my life, and all signs are telling me that I just need a break.

I may post photos now and then during my hiatus if I take any photos that I really really want to share or if I have any really exciting news.  But otherwise, this blog is officially on pause.  It will resume at an undetermined time in the future :)

p.s. For all of my blogging buddies, I will still be floating around the blogging world to comment on everyone’s entries.  I won’t let you forget me ;)


13 Comments to “Going on a Blogging Hiatus”

  1. Enjoy your break… no need to feel bad about it either. I like you new “rules.” It’s your blog and it in no way should rule your life, so kick it’s butt on the way out/past. we won’t hold it against you. I will wait for your return in anticipation ;-)

  2. Good for you! Feeling pressured to post a blog every day is just too much, I think. I’ve decided to blog when I feel like it, making sure not to go TOO long without something, but when it starts feeling like a chore to crank out a blog, it’s time for a break. Lately, I’ve had this enormous burst of creative energy, so I actually have been doing one every day, but there is absolutely no way I could commit to doing that every day from here on out. Enjoy your blogging holiday! :-)

  3. Enjoy your break. We won’t forget you and Bailey!

  4. Enjoy your time; I think you’re doing the right thing and admire that you’re being true to what’s important to you! Take care!

  5. Enjoy your break, and don’t worry. We’ll be here when you get back. Just don’t be gone for years…We’ll miss you. x

  6. Enjoy your break, get refreshed and renewed. When you come back set a schedule that works for you. While the 365 day challenge has its purpose, if it creates burnout it hardly is a positive effort.

  7. We are thinking alike here. Enjoy your break.

  8. We know you’re taking a break from blogging, but when you get back, please accept the Versatile Blogger Award Oscar and I are so happy pass to you. :D

  9. Seems to be going around – this “break” or “hiatus” thing….like the cold everyone seems to be catching :) This is my first summer blogging and I am finding more of a struggle than fun to keep the posts, and especially comments, up more often than not. I am starting to re-think my goals too. I might reduce my posting schedule for the summer. I admire you for attempting a post EVERY DAY. I only do it 5 a week and that is a lot for me. Enjoy your break…and we won’t forget you even if you don’t get a chance to comment on our blog :)

  10. I am so impressed with your ambitious blogging schedule, and that doesn’t change because you’re taking a break. Just keeping up with my 5 a week posts is difficult, and sometimes I skip because I feel like it…

    As you might remember, I’m a big advocate of taking breaks from blogging, cause you want it to feel fresh and fun, not a chore. Don’t worry about us forgetting you either. You’re right here in my bookmarks, and on my “buddies” page, so you’re not going anywhere. Plus, I usually check in on my favorite blogs from time to time, rather than every day, so I’ll keep dropping in randomly until I see new posts. : )

    Enjoy your break!!! Hugs – Christine & Toki

  11. Hi, we enjoyed reading Bailey’s blog especially the photo insights where I’ve picked up several tips from you. We would like to pass on the Versatile Blogger and Inspirational award to you. Drop by our blog post for the badges and details. Cheers!


    Have fun! I hope you feel better about blogging and not so pressured afterwards

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