Project 365

What is Project 365?
It’s a photography project that challenges you to take and share a photo a day.  There are many variations on it.  Some people do a year of self-portraits.  Some people do other themes.  Some people don’t limit themselves at all.  My main focus is going to be my dog, Bailey.  However I will stray from that at times, so not all photos will be of him, but most will.

What equipment do I use for my photos?
I use a Canon Rebel XT for my photos.  It’s a somewhat old bottom of the line Canon SLR.  I was going to upgrade it recently but decided to just upgrade my lens (50mm f1.4 is now my main everyday lens).  I was amazed at how much it improved my photos.  I’m still looking to upgrade my camera body, and it will probably happen at some point within this 365 days, but I have learned that the lens makes the photos more than the camera does.  My lens collection will probably grow over the 365 days as well, but for right now, for all purposes, I use a Canon Rebel XT and 50mm f1.4 for my photos.

I finally upgraded to a new camera body. I now photograph with a Canon 7d. :)

What’s this page for?
I decided to add a page where all my 365 photos can be in one place, so someone can catch up on just the photos rather than going back through each individual blog post.  I’ll update this as I go along.  Each image will also link to the blog post which accompanied the photo if you find a particular photo interesting and want to see what inspired it.


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