Happy Tails

This page is devoted to my foster dogs who have come and gone… They went from being dogs who didn’t know what it was like to be wanted and loved and have a warm place to sleep and food in their bowls to dogs with the best of the best.  Some stayed longer than others, however they have all left with a small piece of my heart.  I am happy to say that all of the dogs featured on this page now have loving wonderful homes where they are treated like the amazing dogs that they truly are.

#1 Kimme (New Name- Koda)

Kimmie is a collie/shepherd mix.  She was 1 of 11 pups in her litter, and came to me when she was 4.5 months old.  Kimmie was our first foster dog and as a result took the largest chunk of my heart.   She was one of the most gorgeous dogs that I have ever laid my eyes on.  Every single time we were out in public, we were stopped multiple times by complete strangers to compliment how pretty of a dog she was.  She definitely had brains in addition to her beauty.  She learned things so quickly and was just the perfect dog in every way.  It took so much in us not to keep her for ourselves, but after a month, she finally found her forever perfect home.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her sweet face.

#2 Lina (New Name – Echo)

Lina was a 4.5 month old Shepherd mix who was found abandoned at a rural shelter.  She was truly one of those dogs that was grateful to be rescued.  She knew she was now in a better place than she once was and she thanked you every minute. She had pure joy in every thing that she did. Lina’s stay was very short with us.  She came to us on a Friday.  A family came to meet her the next Thursday.  Then she was off to her forever home a couple days later.  She went to a wonderful family with two energetic young boys, which is exactly the type of active home she needed.

#3 Pongo

Pongo was a year old lab mix.  He came to us in January and we were just another stop in his unstable life.  Pongo was found and taken into rescue when he was a puppy with his siblings back in May.  Over 6 months later, he was still waiting for his forever home.  Upon Pongo coming to live with us, we found out that he had a major fear of men.  He was scared of men, but he was terrified of Craig (my boyfriend whom I live with).  It was very clear that some man in his past hurt him very much, and Craig specifically reminded him of that person. Pongo spent a month with us and we had our ups and downs but overall he made so much progress and really came out of his shell.  The world got a little less scary for him.  Pongo went to a wonderful home with a large family where he would get all the love, time, and patience that he required.

#4 Louis

Louis was the foster dog that would have become a permanent dog had it just not been the wrong time in my life.  Louis was an 11 month old hound mix who was abandoned at a saw mill with his brother.  Louis was another dog that had been waiting a while for his forever home.  His brother had gotten adopted, and he was just waiting for his turn.  The second I laid my eyes on Louis, I fell in love.  I was overwhelmed with emotions of “I MUST KEEP THIS DOG.”  From the moment he stepped in our doors, he just fit perfectly in our home.  He settled so well into our daily life.  Him and Bailey became absolute best friends from the very beginning. I was so in love with him.  However after a couple days, I was able to cool down with my emotions and think about it rationally.  I realized that it is just not the time in our lives to bring a second permanent dog into our family.  After making that decision and relinquishing all claims to him, we took him to a Meet & Greet that our rescue was hosting.  Needless to say, he was the hit of the Meet & Greet and multiple families fell in love with him and applied for him that day. A week later, Louis was off to his wonderful forever home.  I still sometimes wish that our lives would have allowed for a different ending, but nothing makes me happier than knowing that this wonderful dog is in such a loving home where he is being spoiled rotten like he deserves.

#5 Parker

Parker was a 2 year old beagle pug mix who came from a hoarder who was unable to properly care for him.  He was another foster that spent a very short time with us.  Before he even arrived into our home, a family was scheduled to come meet him (with another family in line if the other fell through).  He came to us on a Friday.  The Family met him on Sunday.  He was off to his wonderful new home by Thursday.

#6 Jay

Jay was a 1 year old “your guess is as good as mine” mix who was rescued from a rural, high-kill shelter after being found wandering all alone as a stray.  He was one of those most loving dogs I have ever met.  All he wanted to do was to cuddle, give kisses, and be loved.  We have never had a foster dog bond as quickly with us as he did.  He truly was a dog that had so much love to give and just wanted to build relationships with people.  He was another dog that was only with us for a short time, however it felt so much longer because of the strong bond that he built.  He was adopted by a family that was everything I could have wanted for him, and I have no doubt that he will have a wonderful life with his new people.

My Rescue – Great Dog Rescue New England

I volunteer and foster with Great Dog Rescue New England which is a is a 501(C)(3) non-profit, shelterless, all-breed rescue group headquartered in Massachusetts. All of our dogs are housed in private foster homes until they are adopted. Almost all of our dogs are rescued from Tenneseee and since September 2003, GDRNE has placed more than 3000 homeless and abandoned dogs in loving forever homes in the New England area.  I love being a part of this rescue and its efforts in animal rescue, saving dogs 1 at a time.


15 Comments to “Happy Tails”

  1. What a great blog ! One can’t look through your pictures and not be cheered up. It seems like it would be so hard to “foster” these adorable creatures then have them move out! Keep up the writing, and posting, and dog-lovin’.

  2. Thanks so much J :) I always smile when I look back on all the photos of our foster babies, and it makes me so happy to know that they are in such wonderful homes now. It makes letting go of them much easier.

  3. I really like the idea for your daily photo project. I also am super jealous of your fostering. I would love to foster animals, and volunteer for a shelter where they need foster families, but alas, our two cats are the masters of the house and will have none of it. Maybe in a few years when the little one mellows and the older one is ready to move on. Good luck!

    • It really is such a rewarding experience and I feel like I have gotten so much more out of it than what I have given. Even though people are always like “How can you give them up?” You just don’t realize the joy that you get when you know that they just went to a wonderful loving home. It makes it so worth it. I hope that your cats allow you ( ;) ) to experience it if you choose :)

      Thanks for visiting and subscribing as well :) I’ll be sure to check our your blog when I am home from work.

  4. Louis looks just like my dog Casey, a beagle American Eskimo mix. They’re rare mixes, so it was so neat to see that photo. What a cute dog. You can see my Casey (and the rest of my animal crew) on my blog page.

  5. Great blog dedicated to these beautiful creatures. I help run a shelter in northern Portugal. I personally have rescued heaps of dogs and we animals abandoned at our door fairly regularly! It is heartbreaking to see this but one gets stronger. We also are non-profit housing around 400 dogs at our shelter and have a constant uphill battle each day. I volunteer my work on Saturdays as I have a full time job during the week ine wine! I come away exhausted and totally satisfied after my day with Aanifeira.. We have just started out blog too and we took 8 disabled dogs to Germany for adoptions – so rewarding. I will keep an eye on your blog! Thank you…

    • Thank you so much for your comment and also all the work you do for the animals in your area. It is such a wonderful thing and I am always thrilled to meet other people who give of themselves so selflessly. I’ll be sure to check out your blog :)

  6. Stumbled onto this blog and am glad to find we have so much in common! I grew up in MA but am now on the other coast. I adopted my little guy from http://www.rocketdogrescue.org/ in SF.

    Since then I’ve fostered about 11 dogs. If I hadn’t they’d have been killed, but now they live with very happy families. So many lovely dogs need to be rescued. It was fun to read your blog.

    Here’s my little Fox http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=100139193372697

  7. Found you on Freshly pressed and was [im]pressed, I will come back if you don’t mind, as a dog lover/owner I’m sure it will be interesting.

  8. Well here I am returned and having read the stories of the rescue dogs I am feeling quite humbled, yet inspired, that there are lovely people like you doing such unfortunately necessary work. The human race never ceases to amaze me, with it’s mix of cruelty and kindness. You and your colleagues are doing a wonderful job.
    I’ve always had dogs from when they were pups, but I now have a little rescue Border collie called Ruby, almost nine, she wasn’t badly treated, just a passenger in someone else’s life and needed a home and human to call her own.
    My resident dog is Tango, almost thirteen now and my little ‘ spesh’ man , Anyhow enough for now, I’ll come back again and see how you and Bailey are doing.

  9. Kristen — love your blog! I found you via ‘my little dog’ blog and just love all your photos and stories. Your descriptions of your foster dogs match what I see. Kimmie is gorgeous, and Louis — ohhh how sweet is he??! My sister volunteers at a shelter in her local area and regularly fosters a dog, in addition to her permanent tribe of four! My husband and I have Grace, a foster dog from Puerto Rico, who has really made an impact on my life. I will look forward to seeing more activity here. Congratulations on your recognition by Freshly Pressed, too! That is incredible and you should be so proud.

  10. Kristen – You are an amazing woman doing amazing things for dogs in need. We need more people like you!!! I am so glad that I met you through DP and now get to read more about your rescue efforts and Bailey’s life through your blog. :)

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