Day 86: Bailey had a little lamb…

Today’s post is dedicated to Bailey’s favorite toy “Lamby.”

Lamby is Bailey’s absolute most favorite toy in the world.  Before Lamby, it was “Bunny” but ever since Christmas, Lamby has taken the spot as #1, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

Here are some fun quirky facts about Bailey and his Lamby…

  • Bailey’s bedtime and morning routines with Lamby are always the same.  When it is time for Bailey to go outside for the last time before bed, he finds Lamby and brings Lamby to the door with him before he goes outside.  He leaves it by the door and then picks it up as soon as he gets back inside and brings it to bed with him.  In the morning, we get up, and Bailey comes out of the bedroom and lays down in the living room until I am ready to take him outside.  When he comes back inside, he then goes and gets Lamby from the bedroom.  I don’t know why he prefers to wait until after he has pottied to get his Lamby, but he does.  It’s the same thing every day.  I guess he likes to let Lamby sleep in a little bit.
  • Bailey needs to get Lamby and proceed to carry him around in his mouth after every meal.
  • Bailey likes to use Lamby as a pillow.  He will lay down with his front legs stretched out, set Lamby on his feet, and then his head on Lamby.
  • Bailey knows Lamby’s squeak.  When we have foster dogs, if he hears the other dog has Lamby, he will react so fast to go steal it back.  No other dogs are allowed to have Lamby.
  • Bailey is on his 3rd Lamby since Christmas.  He has loved all of them the same.  The first Lamby had his leg torn off.  The new second Lamby arrived when we had Jay.  Jay also loved Lamby so since Lamby #2 was still pretty new, we decided to just send Lamby #2 with Jay to his new home, and got Lamby #3 for Bailey.  Sometimes I worry that we will stop being able to buy Lamby and have thought of buying like 20 of them for backups when needed.
  • Bailey for the most part doesn’t chew Lamby.  Lamby is mostly a cuddling and carrying around toy, but occasionally gets chewed on, which is how Lamby #1 lost its leg.
  • Bailey got very upset with me when I took Lamby away to take it’s picture for today’s Blog
So does your dog have a favorite toy?  Do they have any strange quirks with it?

19 Comments to “Day 86: Bailey had a little lamb…”

  1. Daisy’s favorites are her blankets. She loves them both – she cuddles with them, gnaws on them, and loves to play tug-o-war with them. When she was just a few months old, we’d gotten her a plush giraffe, which she really adored and would use it as a pillow. But in true Destructo-Pup style, she destroyed it and did the same (only faster) with a second one we got for her. We always wish she’d go easy on toys so she could have a soft plush to cuddle with, but I guess it’s just not Daisy’s style!

  2. I love the Bailey and Lamby duo! It’s funny that you mention keeping backups of particular toys… I keep backups of Oscar’s favorite squeaky turtle. We have three turtles: an outside turtle, an inside turtle and a new turtle waiting in a drawer until one of the other turtles has to retire. :P

    As for any strange quirks: He plays with his turtle 95% of the time and practically ignores his basketful of toys. I’ve stopped buying him new toys a long time ago and just stuck to purchasing turtle backups.

  3. I love Lamby! I wanna buy it for Aris now! :D

    Aris found his favourite toy outside on the parking lot, some kid must have dropped it. He carried it home, we washed it and now they’re best pals. Whenever we travel, Kegla goes with us. If you ask him to go get it, he goes and gets it. He knows when you’re asking for Kegla, tennis ball, teddy bear or the chicken and gets the one you asked…. if he feels like it. :D If not, he just looks at you with a look that CLEARLY says “I ain’t getting up, you go get it if you want it so much.”

    • So funny that Aris found his favorite toy in a parking lot. Send me your address on facebook. I’ll totally mail Aris a Lamby! A gift from Bailey!

  4. Can I just say that is the cutest thing ever? I love how he loves his lamby so much. Warms my heart!

  5. Too cute, and I totally would buy a couple extras. The good dog stuff tends to disappear for some reason.
    Luna does not have a specific favorite, she goes through phases.
    Right now one of her favorites is about to be lost forever. A 6 squeaker stuffing free tiger is going to eventually dissolve in one of these tug games. But she loves the texture of it. She also really likes the new toy I got her, I should post a video on it. She pretty much rotates between her soft toys, it’s not so much about a specific for her, but just having one.

    • Yea, I really do need to buy some more backups. We can only get them on Amazon. Pet stores never have Lambies, although they have other similar toys from the same brand, just no lambs.

  6. What a great story.

    I echo the buying of the toys before they disappear. Grandma and my sister are the best at finding toys. Bailey loves these toys and when Katy come along he’s had the hardest time sharing. He has a teddy bear my MIL bought for him eight years ago and the thing is in remarkable shape considering its age. Katy loves to chew and Bailey gets so upset if she starts to chew one of the animals. So I have learned to substitute a bone for her when she gets into chew mode. It keeps both of them content.

    • Sounds like Bailey’s toys and our foster dogs. Bailey gets upset if another dog starts chewing his special toys, and I normally have to take them away and give them something else to prevent the foster from destroying them.

  7. awww, that is so sweet! yuki has not met a toy she feels affection like that for yet. seems like Bailey almost has a maternal instinct even though he’s a boy! i did have a german shepard once that took my sisters cabbage doll and never gave it back. she’d actually take care of it like it was her own puppy. she’d sleep with it, we’d see her bathing it every morning (with her tongue), we’d see her carrying it around by the neck the way dogs carry their puppies. she’d never leave it but also would protect it and not let anyone near it either. :)

  8. That’s just so cute, and Lamby looks like the perfect toy for Bailey. Buying a few extras is not a bad idea. George loved his rubber chicken more than any other toy, but then, when he finally killed it and we had to throw the remaining bits of rubber in the bin, we couldn’t find another one to replace it. We’ve been looking for one ever since, but there don’t seem to be any around. George’s got the Easter bunny to love now, but he still goes looking for the chicken where he used to leave it, and still reacts when he hears the word ‘chicken’. Dogs can be really funny sometimes…

    • I’ve seen quite a few rubber chickens around here before. If you show me a picture of what his rubber chicken was, I’ll keep a look out for one for George :)

  9. Lamby is really cute….but he is something Chester would chew to his little death in 2.5 seconds flat :)

    • Hehe yea, it definitely wouldn’t hold up against a really strong chewer however the toys from this maker (we have many… lamby, bunny, buffalo, pheasant…) hold up pretty well to just average chewing. Lamby is probably the most delicate of the ones we have though because its marketed towards puppies and not strong chewers.

  10. The story of lambie is so sweet. Bailey is a very special guy for sure. He is a perfect fit for your household.

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