June 6, 2011

Day 86: Bailey had a little lamb…

Today’s post is dedicated to Bailey’s favorite toy “Lamby.”

Lamby is Bailey’s absolute most favorite toy in the world.  Before Lamby, it was “Bunny” but ever since Christmas, Lamby has taken the spot as #1, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

Here are some fun quirky facts about Bailey and his Lamby…

  • Bailey’s bedtime and morning routines with Lamby are always the same.  When it is time for Bailey to go outside for the last time before bed, he finds Lamby and brings Lamby to the door with him before he goes outside.  He leaves it by the door and then picks it up as soon as he gets back inside and brings it to bed with him.  In the morning, we get up, and Bailey comes out of the bedroom and lays down in the living room until I am ready to take him outside.  When he comes back inside, he then goes and gets Lamby from the bedroom.  I don’t know why he prefers to wait until after he has pottied to get his Lamby, but he does.  It’s the same thing every day.  I guess he likes to let Lamby sleep in a little bit.
  • Bailey needs to get Lamby and proceed to carry him around in his mouth after every meal.
  • Bailey likes to use Lamby as a pillow.  He will lay down with his front legs stretched out, set Lamby on his feet, and then his head on Lamby.
  • Bailey knows Lamby’s squeak.  When we have foster dogs, if he hears the other dog has Lamby, he will react so fast to go steal it back.  No other dogs are allowed to have Lamby.
  • Bailey is on his 3rd Lamby since Christmas.  He has loved all of them the same.  The first Lamby had his leg torn off.  The new second Lamby arrived when we had Jay.  Jay also loved Lamby so since Lamby #2 was still pretty new, we decided to just send Lamby #2 with Jay to his new home, and got Lamby #3 for Bailey.  Sometimes I worry that we will stop being able to buy Lamby and have thought of buying like 20 of them for backups when needed.
  • Bailey for the most part doesn’t chew Lamby.  Lamby is mostly a cuddling and carrying around toy, but occasionally gets chewed on, which is how Lamby #1 lost its leg.
  • Bailey got very upset with me when I took Lamby away to take it’s picture for today’s Blog
So does your dog have a favorite toy?  Do they have any strange quirks with it?
June 5, 2011

Day 85: Warm Golden Sunlight

There is a photographer who I follow on facebook who recently posted a status update saying “There is so much beautiful natural lighting in the world. It’s our job to find it.”  Her quote really inspired me for today’s photos.

I am all about natural lighting when it comes to my photography.  I absolutely abhor flashes (although I do recognize that they are a necessary evil for certain indoor photography).  Since I’m too poor to buy really expensive lighting equipment anyway, nothing can substitute good ol’ natural sunlight for me.

My favorite lighting to shoot in is right before the sun starts setting.  The result is a gorgeous soft golden sunlight that cameras absolutely love.  As strange as it sounds, one of my favorite places to experience this sunlight is my bathroom.  Yes, I know, but stay with me.  Our bathroom window faces west so when the sun starts to set, it sends that beautiful light straight into our bathroom.  Our window is frosted so it softens the light even more.  In addition, when it shines it on all of the orangy tan tiles, it just creates this beautiful warm aura of sunlight.   I’ve never considered myself a writer, and I don’t feel like I’m doing it justice with my words, so lets just move onto a few more photos from our bathroom photoshoot.

Now, this lighting doesn’t work for all types of photos, and its all a matter of opinion, however when you want a natural warm tone in your photos, this is the lighting you want.  Another example of this particular sunlight in outdoor photos is back in my photos from New Jersey… you can check them out here

For all my other blog buddies who are into photography, whats your favorite lighting?

June 4, 2011

Day 84: Backyard Agility

Today we broke out all of Bailey’s agility equipment and set it up in our tiny yard.  This was the first time that Bailey has had all four pieces of equipment set up at home, and he loved it.  He had his new set of weave poles, his tunnel, his jump and his A-frame today.  It was a whole mini-course for him :)

Craig was our photographer and videographer today, as I am usually always the one to do the handling with Bailey’s agility.  I don’t feel like processing all of these images, even the main 365 image above, so these are all straight from the camera, just converted from RAW to jpg.  Thats why they may look a little bad.   They didn’t get the attention that RAW images require in postprocessing.

I am so proud of Bailey on his weave poles.  We are still working on his correct entrances.  The “correct” way is for the dog to always enter with his left shoulder against the first pole (ie from the right, which is how I always remember it).  Once he is in, he rocks his weaves.  At one point when we were running his “course” he went from his jump right into his weaves all on his own.  Of course, he entered from the wrong side but it was still a great achievement for him, and I am so proud of him.  With more practice, he’ll have it down in no time.

He was very happy to have his A-frame taken out of the garage.  It hasn’t been taken out since last summer.  I forgot how big it was.  Each side is 8 by 3 feet.  We are so used to the A-frame at our agility classes where they use a scaled down version since there isn’t a ton of room at our training club.  It’s hard to say if Bailey has a favorite obstacle because he seems to love every aspect of agility.  However, if I had to choose, I would say the A-Frame would be Bailey’s favorite piece of equipment.  We could put the A-frame up in the yard, and he would just run back and forth on it non-stop, with no cues from us at all.

and here are some pictures…  all taken by Craig.

Aaaaaaaaand the videos…  One thing I noticed when watching the videos was how Bailey was going off the A-frame on the side.  That was due to a bad set-up of equipment as the a-frame was on a hill and tilted down that way.  Also he was a little eager for his jump, although I’m pretty sure it was the tilt that was throwing him off the most.

His 2 best runs…

Entering the weavepoles on his own, but from the wrong side

A mess-up run… jumped instead of tunnel and got stuck on his way back up the a-frame

Hope everyone else had a lovely Saturday!

June 3, 2011

Day 83: Big Floppy Feet

The first thing I thought after I took this photo and looked at the LCD screen on my camera was that Bailey’s feet looked so silly in it.  They are so hairy and look so big.

I feel like we just got Bailey groomed.  Though, I guess it’s been about a month now. However normally, we are able to go like 3 months between haircuts.   His groomer did leave him a little longer than usual the last time she cut him though.  It is clear, as evidenced by the hair on his feet, that he will be due for another haircut very very soon.  Until then though, he is just going to have to go around looking like his feet are twice as big as they really are.

June 2, 2011

Day 82: Remind me why we go to the park every day?

There are some days when Bailey is really active at the park.  However, there are many days when Bailey does pretty much nothing.  Today was one of those days.  He didn’t want to play at all.  He just wanted to hang out by our feet, beg for the possible treat, and get pet.  Lately these days have been more common than usual.  It would make sense because it has been getting so much hotter, but it wasn’t even hot today.  It was mid 60s, overcast and breezy.  Bailey is just lazy.

Of course now that we are home, he is passed out on the living room floor.  Apparently watching a bunch of other dogs is exhausting.

Even though Bailey didn’t do much at the park photo worthy, I do have some photos of our other doggy friends.

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