Day 85: Warm Golden Sunlight

There is a photographer who I follow on facebook who recently posted a status update saying “There is so much beautiful natural lighting in the world. It’s our job to find it.”  Her quote really inspired me for today’s photos.

I am all about natural lighting when it comes to my photography.  I absolutely abhor flashes (although I do recognize that they are a necessary evil for certain indoor photography).  Since I’m too poor to buy really expensive lighting equipment anyway, nothing can substitute good ol’ natural sunlight for me.

My favorite lighting to shoot in is right before the sun starts setting.  The result is a gorgeous soft golden sunlight that cameras absolutely love.  As strange as it sounds, one of my favorite places to experience this sunlight is my bathroom.  Yes, I know, but stay with me.  Our bathroom window faces west so when the sun starts to set, it sends that beautiful light straight into our bathroom.  Our window is frosted so it softens the light even more.  In addition, when it shines it on all of the orangy tan tiles, it just creates this beautiful warm aura of sunlight.   I’ve never considered myself a writer, and I don’t feel like I’m doing it justice with my words, so lets just move onto a few more photos from our bathroom photoshoot.

Now, this lighting doesn’t work for all types of photos, and its all a matter of opinion, however when you want a natural warm tone in your photos, this is the lighting you want.  Another example of this particular sunlight in outdoor photos is back in my photos from New Jersey… you can check them out here

For all my other blog buddies who are into photography, whats your favorite lighting?


11 Comments to “Day 85: Warm Golden Sunlight”

  1. what a precious baby!!!! i love her crooked little smile!!

  2. I’m certainly no photography expert, but I do prefer warm tones. And that spot looks like a nice cool place for Bailey for the HOT days forecast later this week!

    • He doens’t like to hang out in the bathroom much. Probably just because we have always kept the door closed when he was a puppy, and now that we don’t worry about it being open, he never bothers to go in there.

      I agree about warm tones though. They are my preference as well.

  3. That’s always been my favorite time of day as well. We get that soft, golden afternoon light best in our kitchen, but the backgrounds aren’t too great for photos unless I only let the floor show, otherwise there are too many distractions. My favorite pastime is and has been nature photography for years – there, my favorite time to photograph is just after a rainfall but before the sun comes out fully, when the colors are deeper and richer and the contrasts are incredible. And, of course, raindrops or early morning dew create beautiful effects in photos.

  4. I prefer natural sunlight for my photos. Great pic.

    I am way behind again but plan to catch up on your recent posts tonight. Have a great Monday.

  5. Those pics of Bailey are great!!

    My Mum’s not a photographer, but it’s great to read your post and to start to think about lighting, the main problem with have right now is my coat being so light that the light seems to bounce off it and make me look invisible! Shucks, that won’t do! :)

    Have a fun day,

    Snoopy :)

    • Snoopy, has your mom tried to photograph in complete shade? Bailey has that problem too that when he is in direct sunlight, it all reflects off his light fur and he actually glows in the photos. Shade (and overcast) is great for that natural lighting without the harsh conditions of it.

  6. cute series, I enjoy natural light too, and it’s lacking in our house. The evening light is nice I just wish it was less direct. I do enjoy morning light though as it usually is more diffused. Both are better than noon light, I have yet to master that one. There are lots of things you can do with flash to help it not look like flash, just have to have the tools.

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