Day 84: Backyard Agility

Today we broke out all of Bailey’s agility equipment and set it up in our tiny yard.  This was the first time that Bailey has had all four pieces of equipment set up at home, and he loved it.  He had his new set of weave poles, his tunnel, his jump and his A-frame today.  It was a whole mini-course for him :)

Craig was our photographer and videographer today, as I am usually always the one to do the handling with Bailey’s agility.  I don’t feel like processing all of these images, even the main 365 image above, so these are all straight from the camera, just converted from RAW to jpg.  Thats why they may look a little bad.   They didn’t get the attention that RAW images require in postprocessing.

I am so proud of Bailey on his weave poles.  We are still working on his correct entrances.  The “correct” way is for the dog to always enter with his left shoulder against the first pole (ie from the right, which is how I always remember it).  Once he is in, he rocks his weaves.  At one point when we were running his “course” he went from his jump right into his weaves all on his own.  Of course, he entered from the wrong side but it was still a great achievement for him, and I am so proud of him.  With more practice, he’ll have it down in no time.

He was very happy to have his A-frame taken out of the garage.  It hasn’t been taken out since last summer.  I forgot how big it was.  Each side is 8 by 3 feet.  We are so used to the A-frame at our agility classes where they use a scaled down version since there isn’t a ton of room at our training club.  It’s hard to say if Bailey has a favorite obstacle because he seems to love every aspect of agility.  However, if I had to choose, I would say the A-Frame would be Bailey’s favorite piece of equipment.  We could put the A-frame up in the yard, and he would just run back and forth on it non-stop, with no cues from us at all.

and here are some pictures…  all taken by Craig.

Aaaaaaaaand the videos…  One thing I noticed when watching the videos was how Bailey was going off the A-frame on the side.  That was due to a bad set-up of equipment as the a-frame was on a hill and tilted down that way.  Also he was a little eager for his jump, although I’m pretty sure it was the tilt that was throwing him off the most.

His 2 best runs…

Entering the weavepoles on his own, but from the wrong side

A mess-up run… jumped instead of tunnel and got stuck on his way back up the a-frame

Hope everyone else had a lovely Saturday!


13 Comments to “Day 84: Backyard Agility”

  1. That is one happy Bailey! Craig did a great job!

  2. Just stopping by Bailey to say Hi this Saturday as he enjoys the outside.

  3. You go, BAILEY!!! Wahoo! He looks SO happy playing agility … his little face is just adorable. I just love the pictures and videos.

    His weaves are looking great. To work on entrances, you can try blocking the left side of the first pole. I used to do that with Evee (she did not like the 2×2 method of weaving, which is what I use for the other dogs to really ingrain entrances from any angle). As far as going off the right side of the A-frame, what I saw (I think video #1) is that you are pulling him off that way by heading towards the jump before he hits the down contact. With Evee, if I don’t stay right with her on the A-frame until she is committed to the down contact, she will blow off the side or even jump off mid-way if I move away from her too quickly. Just what I saw and he looks great! I think that you need to do a fun trial just to see how he does :)

    • Yet another example of how the handler is at fault when the dog messes up and not the dog ;) I do think the tilt was throwing him off also though.

      Thats a good idea about blocking off the left side of the pole. I’ll have to look into setting something like that up :)

  4. I can see how much Bailey was enjoying this course – he looks so happy! Nice photography too!

  5. an obstacle course! How fun! I took pretzel to one of those SPCA events before and they set up a mini obstacle course and a lot of the doggies don’t know what to do and you have the owners running and jumping through hoops to demonstrate to their dogs, it’s hilarious!

  6. What a pleasure to watch Bailey enjoying his agility course! What a clever boy…I like the look of your back garden. It looks as small as ours, but it’s got a nice, quirky feel about it.

  7. Hi Kristen, Wow Bailey look so focused and happy going through the agility course. I have lele on my lap when watching the videos and told her she should not be lazy anymore. :p Bailey really rocks the weave poles, So Cool!!!

  8. I bet your neigbors like it when you set up the equipment. It must draw a lot of interested attention.

  9. I love the shot (from behind) of Bailey’s bunny hop over the jump. He is too cute!

  10. Good job, Bailey. Bailey is adorable, especailly when hopping with tongue out.

  11. Thanks everyone for the comments and compliments :) Bailey really does enjoy his agility.

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