Day 82: Remind me why we go to the park every day?

There are some days when Bailey is really active at the park.  However, there are many days when Bailey does pretty much nothing.  Today was one of those days.  He didn’t want to play at all.  He just wanted to hang out by our feet, beg for the possible treat, and get pet.  Lately these days have been more common than usual.  It would make sense because it has been getting so much hotter, but it wasn’t even hot today.  It was mid 60s, overcast and breezy.  Bailey is just lazy.

Of course now that we are home, he is passed out on the living room floor.  Apparently watching a bunch of other dogs is exhausting.

Even though Bailey didn’t do much at the park photo worthy, I do have some photos of our other doggy friends.


7 Comments to “Day 82: Remind me why we go to the park every day?”

  1. Baily may be lazy, but he sure looks happy being the spectator. The last photo you posted (I forget the dog’s name!) is priceless. That pose, that expression ~ you could have a contest on who can come up with the best caption for the photo.

  2. I know how Bailey feels – there have been plenty of times when I’ve gotten tired just watching other people exhaust themselves LOL! He sure does look happy though!

  3. These pictures are just getting more and more fun to watch. They pose in the photo’s and know all about it. LOL

  4. The photos were great. It’s enjoyable seeing the furkids chasing and wrestling around.
    Lele also has the same behavior as bailey. She hardly play at the parks but stick around us solicitating for treats. :)

  5. I love when you do action shots of the dogs at the park. the one of the two exhausted, joyfull faces collapsed on the grass is the best one!

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