Day 81: Taking Cover

There are some crazy storms taking hold here in Massachusetts.  Heavy rain and wind.  Major lightning. Big hail.  There are even some tornado warnings in effect, with ground confirmation of a tornado out west.  Where we are located near Boston, we are only issued a watch at the moment.  Not much is happening here except it getting a little darker and windy.  The storm is still an hour or so away from us, but it’s on his way east.

Bailey has decided that he should take cover under the coffee table.   I don’t think we have too much to worry about though (hopefully).


7 Comments to “Day 81: Taking Cover”

  1. Nice shot, but I feel for Bailey. We’re about an hour west of Boston and the storm has been threatening, but no heavy rains or wind here yet either. Grace has not left my side for the last 30 minutes, in anticipation of the thunder. (She just left out her first whine.) Good luck!

    • I didn’t realize you were in Massachusetts as well. The tornado went through Westfield and Springfield, and they still believe that it is on the ground. Our first thunder and lightning just happened here as I type this. If you are anywhere in the tornado’s path, stay safe!

      Bailey isn’t too bothered by storms, but he does get nervous of heavy wind and it blowing against the house.

      • We’re just over the border in New Hampshire, and they were forecasting us to get that cell coming through from Keene, NH, but it never materialized. We only got some rain, but nothing heavy, nor any strong winds. Thunder is Grace’s worse enemy, then wind like Bailey. We saw the footage from the Springfield, MA tornado — it would incredibly scary to be near that. Hope all was well at your home!

  2. Bailey has good instincts! We’re under a tornado watch here too, and the skies are getting very dark right now, with winds picking up. Normally I wouldn’t be all that concerned, but tornadoes have been hitting in weird places lately, and we’ve had a couple smaller ones touch down over the past few years. Daisy is usually okay with storms unless I get upset, so I’ll try to keep cool! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that nothing happens!

  3. I love animals to tell us things that we do not know like bad weather! I have my two cats trained to go into cage if I have to grab them quick, as we live in 3rd floor apt. I am glad all is safe!

  4. Be safe! we had quite a few tornado warning/watches this year, and a couple that touched down pretty darn close to here too. It has been a stormy spring, and if any rain actually rolls in soon we will be in a pickle as it’s very hot now. My dogs could care less about storms, i know I have posted about that. And I am grateful for it, wind/rain/hail they don’t bat an eye. Kennel dogs never seem to have the huge problems with us as they do at home. Loud music probably helps though.
    Hope nothing touches down near you

  5. Oh, my goodness. I hope you guys are OK. We don’t get tornadoes here in the UK, but we do get to see yours on TV and they look really scary. The damage they can cause is unbelievable, so stay safe. I hope the worst of the storm doesn’t go your way.
    Clever little Bailey for hiding under the coffee table…So sweet…

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