Day 80: Flower Photography

I’m interrupting Bailey’s blog with some flowers instead of dogs today.

I originally went outside to photograph a small flower which had popped up in a crack in our driveway.  I noticed it this morning when I took Bailey out to go the bathroom, but the bud had closed up again since this morning.  Instead, I decided to take some photos of the rose bushes and other flowers in our yard that had recently bloomed.

There is something I love about photographing flowers at f/1.4 and the intense bokeh that you get at this setting.   Also, the first pink flowers may look like I really increased the saturation in the photos, but no, those are completely natural colors, and they really are that vibrant in person.

Your regular scheduled Bailey photos will resume tomorrow.


8 Comments to “Day 80: Flower Photography”

  1. Well if we can’t see a Bailey photo, flowers are the next best thing :) I love doing nature photography, it’s amazing how many beautiful details there are that go unnoticed by most people. The colors are spectacular and need no enhancement, particularly after a light rain.

    See ya tomorrow, Bailey! :D

  2. Beautiful, Kristen!

  3. I really can look at these flowers forever. I love the bleeding hearts, my sister gardens I guess I should post some of the pictures of her garden. :) Amazing photos today :)

  4. In addition to Oscar, my next favorite subject to photograph is flowers. I’m so glad they’re inanimate objects so I don’t have to worry about blurry pictures like I do with Oscar. :P

  5. so pretty. My roses wont look like that for at least two more weeks. :)

  6. I love bleeding hearts. My mom always had a lot of them in her garden.

  7. Beautiful : ) Thanks for the spring flower fix. (Spring isn’t as exciting here in LA .)

    I was looking forward to enjoying the flowers at my parents place in Ohio this weekend, but a big hail storm passed through right before I got there . . . There is some crazy weather going on in the midwest these days!

  8. Beautiful photos! I especially love the last one!

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