Day 79: Holidays should be exempt from blogging

It’s Memorial Day, and the last thing I felt like doing today was taking a photo for the blog.  However the point of the 365 project is a photo every day, so the blog must go on.

So here’s a simple of photo of Bailey on the chair on our deck outside enjoying this beautiful summer weather that has started this weekend.  For people here in the United States, in addition to a being a day to honor the people in our military, past and present,  it is also the unofficial kick-off of Summer.  Mother Nature hasn’t fallen a step behind, and we have had beautiful 80 degree weather here for the past few days.  Summer is definitely upon us.


7 Comments to “Day 79: Holidays should be exempt from blogging”

  1. I agree about no blogging on holidays… some people don’t realize how much time it can take to get a post up, either that or that’s just a problem I have. Cute photo, glad it was not as hot there as here. It was no day to be outside more than 30 min

  2. So agree about no blogging. I thought most people would not be blogging today. But I have 50 new posts in my Google Reader. Trying to get caught up before going back to work tomorrow. Cute photo, by the way.

  3. It’s crazy but when I worked I missed blogging so I try not to miss any days at all. I guess in order to appreciate blogging I had to miss it a lot. I wish you happiness.

  4. I know how you feel…You could always’ cheat’ a little and schedule the post in advanced, so that you can take the day off. I do that when we go on holiday and I know we won’t have Internet access.
    Bailey looks gorgeous and very relaxed on that chair. x

  5. I love that “simple” picture of Bailey! We’ve had the same weather here, but it’s been sunny and over 90 for the past 4 days. Ugh! Great weekend though. I don’t even go on the computer over weekends, not to blog or anything else unless absolutely necessary. Since I have to live on the computer every day as a freelance writer, I take a much-needed break from it on weekends. Of course, Monday morning emails are a bear…. ;)

  6. Glad summer is upon YOU. We haven’t had but 3 or 4 days above 65 so far in our neck of the woods. The average has been in the mid to high 50s. We are still watiing for summer.

    We were so busy for the holiday weekend it was hard to keep up with the blogging. Luckily we don’t post on Sundays and Mondays anyway.

  7. I heartily agree, and am quite impressed with your dedication! Thanks for posting for your readers : )

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