Sarah’s Maternity Photoshoot

Here are some additional photos from the maternity shoot that I shot yesterday (and talked about in yesterday’s blog entry).  It was a learning experience for me as a photographer, and a challenge at times to get the two dogs (or rather Brewster) to cooperate, but it was a lot of fun and I think we got some keepers in the bunch.   Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.

The first part of the session we were attempting to get some photos of just Sarah and the dogs.  Brewster wasn’t wanting anything to do with it, so the first few shots were just of Milton and Sarah.  Milton was ever so happy just to lay by his mom’s side.  Milton was their “first child,” and as you can tell is the biggest cuddle bug ever.

We were finally able to get Brewster’s attention for the belly kissing photos that Sarah wanted.

Then we even rounded him up for some family shots.

Finally getting Brewster’s attention…

This photo would have been perfect had Sarah and Larry been ready for it.  I absolutely love Milton’s expression but unfortunately I snapped this too soon so Sarah’s hands aren’t relaxed and ready yet.

Baby George should be here in just a few weeks.  Maybe I’ll get to take some newborn photos of him when he arrives :)


3 Comments to “Sarah’s Maternity Photoshoot”

  1. How wonderful, those photo’s will live on forever. I did not take many photo’s when I was pregnant and now my teen is 17! Stay strong.

  2. Great job! Compositions are good too, which can be a challenge for people, great colors as well. Always things to learn after a shoot, things you had wished you’d done. Just part of photography and creating your style and routines.

  3. Lovely photos, your friend Sarah is glowing with happiness…I love the belly kissing pictures, but also the family shots…It looks like baby George (love the name!) will be welcomed by a very loving family…My best wishes to Sarah and Larry.

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