Day 78: Strike a Pose

Bailey is a pet photographer’s dream.  Not only does he have extremely dashing good looks, but I couldn’t ask for a more cooperative model.

Before I started this blog, Bailey was already a very photogenic and cooperative model.   What was already great has become even better though.  Bailey literally poses himself now.  It used to be that I would put him in a position, tell him to stay, and he would stay there and look at the camera.  Now I take him to where I want to take the picture, and he somehow reads my mind and puts himself exactly where he needs to be, giving me his full and completely undivided attention as I snap my photos.

I decided to a stairwell photoshoot today for a little change of scenery.  We went into the stairwell, and I got myself in position on the first landing, and Bailey plopped himself right down on the stairs, on the perfect step for the photos.  At first he sat for some photos.  Then he laid down for some.  All attention completely on me and the camera.  I literally did not have to give him a single command.  He did it all on his own.  He amazes me everyday.


9 Comments to “Day 78: Strike a Pose”

  1. Bailey has to be the most photo dog out here. I enjoy them sososo much. I use to have a poddle growing up and he was white his name was PRINCE. ♥

  2. Those stairs are AMAZING! Bailey is gorgeous, as per usual :) but I LOVE those stairs.

    Yeah, I’m an old house nerd.

    • Yea, our house is about 100 years old or so. Those are the stairs that lead up to the second (ours) and 3rd floor units. Fun Fact, our house was owned by the Bertucci Family, who owns a fairly large italian restaurant chain here on the northeast coast of the US (

  3. Great post! That’s really adorable that Bailey has started posing all by himself. It makes me want to start having my dog pose for photos all the time, lol. :)

  4. Gotta love a dog who knows how to model. Luna still throws too many fits about my requests, and probably always will, so I work for every stationary shot I get. Great DOF in this one

  5. Bailey is a little treasure and a very professional model, as always. But your staircase…Wow! That’s just fabulous. You can’t beat old houses, they don’t make them like that anymore…

  6. What a sweetheart Bailey is! Another great photo, and I’m sure it was hard to choose which one to post. I love looking at pictures of Bailey – he’s adorable and you’re an excellent photographer!

  7. Bailey needs to give Kylie some lessons … She refuses to look at us if we have the camera out. Sigh …

  8. Lucky you :) Chester and Gretel spaz out and hardly ever look where I need them to look. I get a lot of side-head shots and butts :)

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