Day 77: Uncooperative

Today I took maternity photos of a friend, her husband, and two dogs.  I was pretty excited because it was my first “official” photoshoot.  I was also really nervous though.  I’m totally confident in my ability to photograph dogs.  I’ve never been confident in my ability to photograph people though.

Overall I’m happy with how the photos came out.  There were definitely some keepers, but also some lessons learned.  We had two phases of our photoshoot.  Phase 1 involving both the dogs.  Phase 2 just Sarah and Larry.  Phase 1 was challenging.   Milton was happy just to lay down and hang out by his mom.  Brewster on the other hand just wanted to do what he wanted to do… like roll around in the grass.  Which gave me a great capture of him, but not necessarily what we were going for with the maternity photos ;) However we did eventually get him to cooperate so I could snap a few good photos of the 4 (or rather 5) of them.

p.s.  You might remember Brewster from Bailey’s birthday party.  He was the one who stuffed like 7 toys into his mouth.


3 Comments to “Day 77: Uncooperative”

  1. I like your photo as well. Thanks for posting it HI BAILEY

  2. Wow! Black. Thats a change. You must like dogs a lot better than you like humans.

  3. Brewster is quite the character!

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