Day 75: Table for Three

We finally hit the time in the season for the restaurants to start putting out their outdoor tables.  We love to take Bailey out with us to eat, and he loves to tag along.  When I asked him today if he “wanted to go get burgers” he sprinted to the door, and nearly dragged me (if a 15lb dog was capable of dragging me) as we walked to our favorite burger restaurant,  Boston Burger Company.

When people pass by us eating outside with Bailey they probably think we are crazy.  Bailey almost always spends his meals with us in his own chair at the table.  Now there is a perfectly good reason for it, and it’s not because we are crazy dog people (although I kinda am).

Bailey is a busybody when we are out and about.  He isn’t like some dogs where he will just sit or lay quietly at our feet.   He is constantly moving around whether it to be to sniff and lick the ground for crumbs left by the last people who ate at the table, to walk back and forth between us,  or to try to greet other dogs walking by.  This normally results in him completely and nonstop tangling his leash between the legs of the tables and chairs.  It’s annoying to have to worry about when you just want to enjoy a nice outdoor meal.

So our solution is to stick him up in his own chair.  He can’t move around.  He can’t eat anything and everything off the ground.  He can’t try to run off to say hi to other dogs or people.  He is perfectly calm and chill in his chair, always sitting or laying down, happy to just relax and people watch (and beg for food).

We get some crazy looks from people as they walk by.  A lot of people think it’s a silly sight to see a dog sitting at the table, and it is.  Although there are so many people that also will comment on how well-behaved he is.  He never once tries to jump on the table.  He doesn’t try to get all up in our food.  He is a perfectly mannered dog while we are dining al fresco… as long as he is in his own chair.


13 Comments to “Day 75: Table for Three”

  1. Now that is just too cute and sweet. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. that’s cute. And it makes sense too now that you explained. I must admit I probably would not have thought of all of that if I saw him. It’s kinda like the background story on Gus’ blog about the dog stroller. I really want to try and get our pups out more to eat outdoors to work them in such situations. The only place i know of is Starbucks though, our area is not the best about being dog friendly. Glad you all can get out.

  3. I haven’t ever taken Chester to dine outside, partially because I am afraid he would bother other people. He is not one of those dogs that sits or lays nicely at your feet either. However, he IS one of those dogs that likes to stare you down while you are eating so maybe as long as we have food on our table we could keep him occupied :)

  4. We’re looking forward to trying that with Daisy this summer. Last year she was far too young to sit still….although she’s very much like Bailey – too social and interested in everyone and everything to stay put. I hope Daisy will follow Bailey’s lead!

  5. TOO cute for words :)

  6. Gus sits in a chair at the table, too. It actually started a few years ago when my parents were visiting from out-of-state. We’d spend hours after dinner chatting around the table and Gus wanted in on the action. Ever since then, he gets to sit at the table when he’s done with his dinner.

    The same goes for when we dine outdoors, so I especially love today’s Bailey photo. :D We get odd looks every once in awhile too, but Gus never gets on the table and is content just to be “close”.

    Where are the food photos?! ;)

  7. Giving Oscar his own chair at the table would be disastrous! Well, I’m assuming it would be considering how food crazy he is. I have yet to take him to a dog friendly eatery. You’re right about it being the perfect time to hit the restaurants with your dog—I may let Oscar tag along this season. :)

  8. How adorable. I love the way you framed the picture — so nice. His expression is more about being in the social scene than the being near food, as if he’s happy to be there and join in the conversation as an equal. Grace would probably be better in a chair, too, but only if it had a cushion. She’s a bit like the princess and the pea.

  9. You crazy people…NOT! I love that photo, Bailey looks like he’s saying “Waiter! Menu, please!”. Who paid the bill at the end?

  10. Haha, “go get burgers” is a great phrase, I like that one!!

    Yep, I love it when it’s warm enough for Mum and Dad to eat outside cos I get to come too, yay!!

    Have a fun weekend buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  11. We have never taken our dogs to an outdoor resturant. I’m not sure if it’s allowed here or not, but I’m sure they would pull a Marley and try to escape, taking the table with them!

  12. Very creative solution to a potentially tricky situation! Very smart. I am not sure how well my pups would do as they are a tad bit bigger than Bailey. She is such a cute pup!

  13. First off, that photo made me laugh. Bailey look like he’s ready for his order!

    Second, that’s a really great tip. Toki might be a little too big (or too inclined to reach over for a french fry) to be sitting on a chair, but I can see how this would be a great solution to keep our pups out of trouble. Who know’s I might try it next time…

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