Day 74: Another Day at the Park & Mini-Photoshoot

Today was just a normal day.  I worked.  I came home.  I took Bailey to the park.  During the warm months, this becomes our every day schedule assuming it isn’t raining.  Bailey falls quickly into the habit in that every day around 5 o’clock, it is time for the park.  As it nears “park time,” any move I make, he darts for the door with a look like “It’s time to gooooo!”  or whenever he hears my phone’s text alert, he perks up knowing that it was probably a text from our doggy friends saying they are ready to go.

So as per our usual park day, we met up with Gaston and Fiona.  I don’t think I’ve ever talked about Fiona too much here in our blog, but in addition to Gaston, she is the dog that Bailey sees most regularly.

I used a good portion of park time today to photograph Fiona.  Another friend has asked me to take maternity photos of her, her husband and two dogs.  I am taking them this weekend, and both of her dogs are black, so I wanted to squeeze in a little “black dog photography” practice.

Please excuse the monotonousness of the photos.  There are some tennis courts right next to where we take the dogs to play and they are currently doing tons of construction on them so the scenery isn’t the prettiest right now.  As a result I had to keep a grassy background in all the photos.


8 Comments to “Day 74: Another Day at the Park & Mini-Photoshoot”

  1. I love the picture of Bailey and Fiona playing together – what intensity!

  2. No complaints about your photos from me, I think they’re fab as always. Fiona’s dark fur contrasts quite nicely with the grassy background. And she’s got beautiful brown eyes…Quite a pretty girl.
    If I didn’t know better, I’d think the boys were having an argument.

  3. Black dogs are tricky, usually one has to either overexpose the BG like you have to expose the subject correctly, or change exposures in post work which is a lot more work. Well done, I’m sure you will do fine. Hopefully their 2 dogs are as compliant as Fiona. Great action capture too of Bailey and his buddy, great expressions

    • The shoot this weekend will be harder and I’ll probably have to do a lot of fixing of exposures in post work due the the dogs not being the only subject in the photo. Fiona did very well posing for her photos. She wasn’t being cooperative at first but after she got a little tired and we broke out the treats, her attention was all mine. We’ll see how it goes on Saturday :)

  4. Wow, your Mum sure does take some great pics!!

    Isn’t it fun to have Doggy’s to hang out with at the park?! I met some of my friends there by chance today and said Hi, Dalia (one of my favourites) was there, she’s really cute!! :)

    Hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. I love Fiona’s brown “whiskers”. I would say it was a moustache but she’s a girl I assume :)

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