Day 73: Frog Legs

Nothing exciting today. ┬áJust a picture of Bailey being cute, because he’s good at that.


5 Comments to “Day 73: Frog Legs”

  1. That’s plenty of reason for a post! AWW Bailey – love the frog legs!! :D

  2. I just realized what Baily reminds me of: The bear on Snuggle fabric softener!

  3. Funny, the other day I was talking to a friend about frog legs being a culinary delicacy, so my first thought when I read your title was…food! But no, it’s little Bailey baby looking cute. I love that! x

  4. This is one way I have never seen luna lay… just about all others.. But if she is hot she will simple lay on her side stretched out, and I see this most often with hot dogs. Though some just prefer this method of “down”.
    Cute, good DOF and light.

  5. Love it! My dog does frog legs, too, except we call them “froggy legs.” :)

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