Day 72: Tummy Grumbles

Bailey wasn’t feeling too well earlier.  I got home from work and all I could hear from him was his tummy grumbling all sorts of complaints.  I knew it was most likely his stomach complaining about being hungry.  He never ate his dinner last night, probably upset and a little disrupted because Craig left yesterday afternoon for San Francisco for the week.  Bailey knows what it means when suitcases are packed before someone leaves.

After much convincing, I got him to drink a little water, but he refused to eat anything. He couldn’t even bring himself to eat the lamb ear I gave him.  He wanted to.  He excitedly took it from me, but after a couple of half hearted chews he just couldn’t bring himself to eat it.  Then it would lay on the floor, and he would attempt to go at it again with the same results.

We laid in bed together for a couple hours.  Him relaxing and me reading.  I think he’s feeling better now.  His tummy has stopped grumbling, and he has started to work on his lamb ear.  He just misses his daddy.


14 Comments to “Day 72: Tummy Grumbles”

  1. Isn’t it the worse when your doggy doesn’t feel well? My Romeo has tummy issues every once and a while. So much that I can hear his stomach making noises. It sounds awful. I start imagining he feels it too. But then they come around. They’re much better “patients” than we are!

  2. awww poor bailey. Hopefully he perks up soon. Wyatt has had a loud stomach before from certain things, it’s always a bad sign. Usually it’s followed by soft stools, so I rather hate when I can hear it from across the room, means bad news is to follow. But luckily it does not happen often. Bailey is not a very big eater is he? And where do you get lamb ears? The puffier white ones?

    • He has strange eating habits. Normally he is fine, but changes in his routine mess up his eating. He eats horribly when we are traveling and visiting family and not at home. When Craig is gone for work it messes him up as well.

      Grumbly tummies aren’t super uncommon for Bailey and usually just a sign of a slight upset. I’m still convinced it was just because he hadn’t eaten in almost 48 hours.

      I ended up buying the lamb ears from Amazon. We have an amazon prime membership so I order stuff often from there because I get free 2 day shipping. They are the smokehouse brand and yea they are the puffed ones. He loves them.

  3. I hope poor Bailey feels better soon. It is so hard to watch them suffer and not really know what is wrong or even how to fix it. They give so much to us. Luckily they deal much better with such issues than we ever do! :)

  4. Awwwww, poor Bailey. Maybe Bailey needs ice cream. That always makes me feel better :)

  5. Poor Bailey,

    I know how you feel buddy, I hate it when my Dad goes away too! :( Cool that your Dad’s in San Fran, that’s just down the road from me! :)

    You know what though, he’ll be back soon and he’s gonna make up for it with lottsa cuddles, so cheer up buddy!

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  6. aww poor Bailey! Hope hes feeling better soon! xxx

  7. Oh, poor baby, what a sensitive boy he is! I hope he’ll feel better soon…Lots of good thoughts from us. x

  8. Oh, the poor little thing! Isn’t it amazing how deeply they feel the loss of someone? Well there’s just one solution – Craig is going to have to get a job where he can work from home LOL! ;)

    I hope Bailey is all better now.

  9. hope bailey is feeling better! My dog is a bit under the weather the past few days too

  10. I bet Bailey is missing the nightly head licks with Craig, too!!

  11. Poor Bailey. Gus often has grumbly stomach issues, so we know what that’s like. :(

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