Day 70: Agility Fun Day

Today is going to be a lazy post and picture day and result in a little bit of cheating.  Well, it’s not actually lazy.  More like all the plans I had fell through.

We had “Agility Fun Day” today.  I meant to take some photos there… or rather have Craig take photos since I’m the one that always runs the agility with Bailey.  But guess who forgot her camera.  Yup, me.

Then we stopped afterwards to go to Home Depot to get some materials to build some weave poles for Bailey since I really need to practice those with Bailey.  We got home and built them, and I wanted to set them up later for him to practice and get some photos.  However, we had to run a couple errands, and by the time we got home, it was dark.

Then I went to take some photos inside, and my camera battery was pretty much dead.

So no new photos today.  I’m hoping to get some weave pole photos taken tomorrow.

So instead, but still keeping with the agility theme, here is an old photo of Bailey from last summer when we first built his A-Frame.

Today’s “Agility Fun Day” was fun (lol).  They had a course set up for all the dogs to do.  Bailey made both me and his trainer very proud.  I’ve said it before but Bailey is what we like to call “ADD Puppy.”  Sometimes that lack of focus comes out in class, whether it be wanting to socialize with the other dogs or sniff the floor for treats.  Bailey didn’t know a single dog there today.  We thought for sure he would have trouble getting himself focused because he would just want to go meet all the other dogs.  However, during his first run he went right on the course, paid attention to me and ran the course great.  He didn’t even care about all the new dogs on the sidelines.  I was very proud of him and his trainer was very impressed with how focused he was.

We got there a little late due to a time mix-up, along with another dog, so we were invited to stay a little later and run the course a couple extra times.  It was a bigger dog and when it was Bailey’s turn we forgot to lower the jumps.  He normally jumps about 8 inches, and the bars were set to either 16 or 18 for the bigger dog.  No one realized that the jumps weren’t lowered until we got to our first one.  Bailey soared over it no problem and then cleared the others as well.  Bailey didn’t seem to mind, and everyone was laughing at how effortlessly he jumped them.

Bailey was also the only small dog there during the session that we attended.  Everyone was quite impressed by him :)


10 Comments to “Day 70: Agility Fun Day”

  1. Sounds like a fun afternoon full of surprise. Bailey must be very talented. : )

  2. Hi Bailey you are so talented and cute. Wanna get married?

  3. Wahoo, Bailey!! Go team small dog! :D Can’t wait to see pictures/videos of your weave poles, little man!

  4. I can’t believe you forgot your camera, you musy have felt like you were missing an arm :P I’m glad you had fun, though, that’s all that matters. And I’m happy with the old photo. For now …

    • We never have our camera at agility classes so I just totally forgot to grab it and didn’t realize until we were 1/2way there. It’s okay because the lighting was actually really bad inside so we probably wouldn’t have gotten good photos.

      We had fun though :)

  5. Sounds like a fun day for Bailey and it’s great he was so focused!

    • We were very impressed with his focus. The Canine Good Citizen prep class that we took focused about 90% on keeping your dogs focus on you so that probably helped a lot as well.

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