Day 69: Bailey’s Own Jungle

We didn’t need to bring Bailey to Costa Rica for him to play in a jungle.  He has his own little jungle in our “garden”.   I use the word garden loosely, hence the quotation marks.


15 Comments to “Day 69: Bailey’s Own Jungle”

  1. LOL That’s too cute! Isn’t he being the sneaky pup! :D

  2. love the expression and contrast in textures… Luna would SO be munching… She is a regular Goat…. irks me, but so long as she doesn’t yak it, it does not irk me tooo much.
    Have a great weekend

    • Bailey has a thing for eating the clumps of grass left by lawn mowers. I hate it when he does it, and those clumps are the one thing that he will not drop when I tell him to drop it. He just runs away as he quickly chews and swallows it.

  3. Oh goodness! This is too cute—Bailey looks like a little Amazonian creature who has just been spotted for the first time :D

  4. Peekaboo….Boo! Cute Bailey, and I’m really jealous of that nice grass.

    • It does look like he’s playing peekaboo. Those are actually our very invasive plants or weeds or whatever they are that are taking over our “garden.”

  5. “And here we have the rare Bailey, an adorable white fluffy creature who is outgoing and yet secretive in his jungle habitat.” :)

  6. He looks like he just came back from a grooming. A fuzzy muppet.

    • It’s actually been a few weeks since his last grooming, however you are right, he does look rather fluffy. BUt then again, he is always pretty fluffy lol

  7. Adorable!! So sweet :) great captured shot.

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