Day 68: Are you going to eat all that?

Bailey is a big beggar.  He isn’t obnoxious about it like some dogs can be.  He doesn’t whine.   He doesn’t jump on you.  He gives you your space as long as you aren’t sitting on the couch (and even then, he will give you your space if you push him away).  He doesn’t drool.  He will just sit and stare you down.

Every night when Craig and I eat dinner, he assumes his position and proceeds to stare at us (mostly me, but occasionally glancing at Craig).  I won’t lie, he usually gets a little tiny bite of meat at the end of dinner, never fed directly from the table.

However the funny thing is that we feed him his dinner almost always before we eat ours.  When I put his bowl down, he will go over and eat his coconut oil off the top and maybe a bite or two, but then he will leave it there and it will sit for about an hour or so.  Then we eat our dinner, he does his begging, and then as soon as I finish and go back to sit in my computer chair, he goes and finishes his dinner.  He knows his dinner is there the whole time.  He just needs to wait until we had ours at the hopes of getting anything better first.  It is the same exact thing every night.  He waits for me to leave the table before he goes to his bowl.

Of course this is never the case when we have our foster dogs.  When we have another dog in the house, he gobbles his food down right away.  He can’t take a chance at our foster getting his food.

I snapped this photo really quickly at the end of dinner.  First photo taken and was all that I needed.  It definitely captures his begging essence ;) I also broke my B&W rule for this week.  I liked the colors too much in this photo.


15 Comments to “Day 68: Are you going to eat all that?”

  1. I know this routine all too well. Gus does the exact same thing! In his case, he eats his sugar snap pea or green bean (his appetizer) first, and then stands and stares at us, hoping something will fall. Once he realizes he’s out of luck, he’ll eat his dinner.

    I love how predictable doggers are, it’s comforting. :)

  2. My Nylah does the exact same thing! She’s given her dinner around 5:30 p.m. each night. When the bowl hits the stand, she strolls over, takes a sniff, maybe a nibble, then walks away. She will lay at the edge of the kitchen doorway (that’s the rule during dinner) and watches us eat our dinner. Once we’re done and she’s had a scrap or two, she immediately heads to her bowl and chows down!

    So predictable! :)

  3. ^ Hey Diesel’s twin!! Lori, do you have a blog for Nylah? :)

    And that’s exactly how our Bailey begs … doesn’t whine, doesn’t paw — just sits there and stares at you with those adorable brown eyes, which makes giving him table scraps SO tempting!

    • hahaha, HEY twin!

      No blog for Nylah yet! I love reading everyone else’s though – so maybe it’s about time to start our own. I think my friends on Facebook are probably sick of me constantly uploading random photos of her, perhaps a blog would be a better place for those!

      Now you’ve got me thinking… :)

  4. Wow, we must just have hungry dogs around here, or they just really like their food. Once the bowls go down the dogs will not leave them until they are empty. Sometimes if we’re eating on the couch they will stare at us, or sniff a little close but a simple no usually gets them to go find something better to do. I know that the staring is from me occasionally giving them a spoon to lick, so the longer I go between that happening the better they get. I try to only put scraps in their bowls as I head back into the kitchen, so they don’t think it comes off the plate. But my Luna girl is so smart that she actually has figured out that the sound of cutting scissors in the kitchen probably means I’m cutting meat up. My mom and I have both used that method since she was a puppy, but the fact that she actually linked the noise to that is pretty crazy. She did that again just last night.
    Happy dinners to you all, and I like the color for this one too

    • Yea we normally give Bailey his scraps in his bowl as well but he still knows where it comes from. They are smarter than we sometimes give them credit for.

  5. Bailey is so adorable and well mannered. Grace doesn’t beg, but only because she knows it won’t get her anything. Since she’s a scavenger by nature (having started out as a street dog), we have never given her anything from our plates. So she’ll go to her bed and sleep while we eat. We do offer her carrot scrapings, which she LOVES, but that goes into her food dish. Like Anna’s dogs, Grace eats her food immediately when it goes in the bowl. On the rare occasion when she doesn’t eat, we know she’s not feeling well.

  6. Daisy does the same thing – she just stares and stares and STARES at us with one of those expressions you just can’t put into words. We can’t give her any table food because of her sensitive tummy, but sometimes when I’m preparing dinner, if I’m making rice or potato, I’ll put a little bit in her bowl before it’s seasoned. She makes such a big fuss, you’d think I’d given her steak! LOL Have a great weekend!

  7. Gwynn doesn’t beg if we’re at the table (sitting on the couch is another story…), but he does an amazing lip-smack. i didn’t even realise dogs could smack their lips before getting him, but he does it, and only does it when he’s come up to you and you’re doign food prep or holding a snack in your hands.
    great pic, and I agree with you abotu the colours – really striking :)

  8. George does exactly the same if I put his bowl down before we sit down to eat our dinner. He’ll give it a sniff, take a few bites and then come and beg for food from our table. He knows his dad won’t given him any, so he’ll stare at Brianna and me waiting/hoping for a handout. When we’ve finished our food, he’ll go and finish his. If I’ve saved him some meat or veg from our table, I put in in his bowl and mix it with his food, so that he knows he’s not allowed to eat with us. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll find him on the table one day.
    The joys of owning a dog, eh? :)

  9. What a great photo of Bailey. I have 3 dog who did the same thing until we changed their diet. The best thing we ever did was get rid of dry and canned dog food. The now woof down their food on the spot. We feed only raw meat and vegetables to our dogs and we have a canine vitamin supplement we add to it. Our butcher makes what he calls “meat bombs” for dogs. They contain ground organ meats and tripe as well as other meat and our dogs look love their food. Not only that but their coats and eyes shine now. I wonder if Bailey would like a raw meat and veggie diet too.

    • We supplement raw with Bailey however we don’t feed him raw completely. Mainly because of allergies and cost. Bailey has had a lt of problems with allergies and we have done a lot of diet restriction to see what works and what doesn’t for him. He is currently on the Taste of the Wild lamb version which is a grainless formula with lamb as the sole protein source and an excellent quality food. He has been doing really good on this food and great with the lamb protein. We stay away from chicken, turkey, and beef proteins and all grains. His treats are either lamb or duck based. We have been supplementing raw for a while with his diet and we used to do it with chicken or turkey necks. I love being able to give him raw meaty bones for his teeth. However I am pretty sure that they were one of the things setting him off so can no longer give them. To continue with supplementing him raw and bones, we give him raw lamb chops. However, lamb is expensive here in the US. We don’t mind paying for them as a supplement and treat but we are not prepared to buy enough raw lamb to make up his entire diet. Since we finally have found a protein source and food that works for him, I am hesitant to change and not being able to have the common and cheap protein sources makes it harder to feed raw.

      He does like his food and its actually the first dog food that he will accept as treats. I use his kibble when we play our puzzle games and he is very happy and eager to work through his puzzles to find his hidden food. He just thinks our fresh cooked food is better :P

  10. Who would have thought so many dogs do the same thing. At least Bailey is in good company :)

  11. Chester and Gretel devour their food before the bowl even hits the ground. They both have the staring routine though. We eat on the couch so they sit at our feet and stare us down hard – never making a peep. They know they aren’t allowed on the couch when we eat (we prefer they stare at is from the ground instead of at plate level. Ha, ha). Immediately after we are down and get up they hop up on the couch to look for crumbs. Sometimes they get lucky ’cause we can be messy eaters :)

  12. I love this photo : )

    Toki usually ignores the food in her bowl until we sit down to dinner, at which point she sniffs around at the edge of the table (nose height for her!), waits hopefully for a few minutes, and then goes over to her bowl and starts munching away. Even though her food has been there for several hours or more, she waits until we’re all eating to tackle the kibble, but like Bailey, she first has to make sure she’s not getting any food from the table!

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