Day 67: Rain, Rain, Go Away

This is the look of a really bored dog.

Lately weather in New England has been really sucky.  Constant clouds.  Frequent rain.  We haven’t seen the sun since we’ve been home from Costa Rica, and I think it was hiding a lot last week as well.  It’s just constant dreariness.

Bailey hates the rain and being wet in general, so he is not willing to stay outside long, or much at all.  Which I’m kinda thankful about because fluffy white dogs get dirty very easily when it is wet outside.  However that means no dog park and little exercise for Bailey with the exception of any that he gets indoors.  We are lucky that he is a very low key dog.  With week-long stretches of bad weather, he doesn’t go stir-crazy.  He’s happy just to lay around and be lazy, but I still feel bad.

During times like these I try to break out his indoor agility equipment or his puzzle toys.  However I haven’t been the best doggy mommy lately and should be doing more to engage him than I have.

I did get an email today from the training club that we do agility at that they are having an “Agility Fun Day” on Saturday where they are inviting all agility students to come hang out and run some courses.  It has been a couple months since Bailey’s last round of classes so he will be excited to get back in the ring and be around some other dogs.


10 Comments to “Day 67: Rain, Rain, Go Away”

  1. OMG I just wrote a post for tomorrow with the EXACT SAME TITLE!! LOL I guess we’re both in the same boat, eh? :D Daisy gets totally lazy too – this is too funny!

  2. bored yet content at the same time. Hes got the right idea. Laying around on a couch on a rainy day is what Ide like to do also.

  3. Oscar knows that feeling all too well when it’s raining. Luckily, he still gets his exercise via treadmill! :D

  4. Oh my gosh we’re on the same wavelength again … I posted my post and then went to your blog to comment … And gasp! Clearly we need to meet up in person one day haha.

  5. Yours is the third post I’ve read today about poor fur babies being bored because the rain has confined them to staying indoors. What’s happening to the weather out there? We’re supposed to live in the country of constant rain, and haven’t had a drop fall off the sky in over a month.
    That’s a lovely photo, though, Bailey looks beautiful no matter what. A bit of agility on Saturday should lift his spirits. Hang in there, little one :)

  6. Too funny to see all the rain posts. Glad I’m not alone in all this. I am in need of more puzzle toys for such a time, maybe wyatt will get one to share for his birthday ;-). Until then they will have to settle for all the raw chews I bought last night, post coming soon on that.
    Hoping you all can get out soon to romp, I think the weekend here might be nice

  7. Some rain in Maple’s part of the world would be nice! It’s been so hot that Maple can’t bear to be outdoors for too long. Bailey does look pretty low-key. He’s completely contented with just chilling on the couch. Here’s hoping you guys get plenty of sunshine this weekend!

  8. I know the feeling… it seems that instead of spring, we’re getting monsoon season here… so very unpleasant.

  9. Poor Bailey,

    It seems there are lots of Doggy’s with cabin fever today – I’m sending you some Sunshine too!!

    Sounds like you’re gonna have a really fun day on Saturday though, hang in there Buddy – the Sun will appear eventually! :)

    Wags to you,

    Snoopy :)

  10. I think our weather has been the same as yours (Atlantic Canada) and it has been very depressing. I have started tanning (yes tanning) just to make myself feel better. And got highlights in my hair. We had two afternoons (about three hours each) of sun in the past three weeks. I had to take Reese to Camp Bow Wow so he could have a proper day out because I can’t bring myself to go to the dog park in the rain. And Housebreaking has been horrible. Here’s hoping for sun soon!

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