Day 66: Bailey’s Favorite Place

Bailey’s favorite place is to lay underneath my chair in the living room.  It has a circular wooden base where he fits perfectly.   Chances are, if I’m in my chair, he is underneath.

I also decided to stick with the black & white theme that I have going from the last 2 photos.  I think I’ll do B&W all week.


10 Comments to “Day 66: Bailey’s Favorite Place”

  1. So cute. It looks like it was made for him!

    • Yep, He fits perfectly in it. Along with the chair, there is a matching ottoman with the same type of base, just smaller. On the rare occasion he will try to fit under there and he looks so silly because it is so small.

  2. AW That’s just too cute! Bailey looks very content – he actually looks like he’s smiling! :D

  3. That’s so sweet. George used to do that when he was a puppy, now he doesn’t fit under there anymore. At least not comfortably enough for him to want to do it. Love the smile on Bailey’s face.

    • Bailey used to prefer underneath the coffee table. Once he realized that he fit under my chair though and that it provided a nice little head rest, it has become his place.

  4. Love it, Luna would probably have gotten up, that and she prefers to be off the floor, at least on a bed. Guess that’s the whole lack of hair thing. what lens did you shoot it with? And I like the BW theme.
    take care

    • Bailey is always mixing up where he sleeps. Sometimes on the floor (rug or hardwood). Sometimes on the couch. Sometimes on one of his many beds. Sometimes on our bed. Even in the middle of the night, he starts out in bed with us, then lays on the floor, then in his bed, and then usually back in bed with us by morning. He doesn’t seem to have a preference for surfaces.

      I shot this with my 50mm 1.4

  5. I always love black and white. His nose it lighter so it looks like the sun is shining on him.

  6. Diesel always lays behind my computer chair like this … and I always almost run him over. You think he would learn …

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