Day 65: All caught up. Time to focus back on Bailey.

Okay I am officially all caught up and back on schedule. If you haven’t yet checked out my week of Costa Rica 365 photos go check them out now :) Unfortunately no Bailey in them. We brought the Bailey cut-out with us however it didn’t really make it’s way out of the bag, and then I didn’t feel like ruining some of the great photos (if I do say so myself) I captured with him photoshopped in. So instead, just a week of Costa Rica. I said in the beginning that even though the 365 project would focus on Bailey, that I would stray sometimes and this was a week of straying.

But we are back on track now. :) Bailey officially has his blog back, however you can still look forward to future bonus posts of more Costa Rica photos after I have had more time to go through them all.


10 Comments to “Day 65: All caught up. Time to focus back on Bailey.”

  1. Bailey is such a cutie! I look forward to reading more about your adventures. : )

  2. There is that precious underbite again :) I can’t believe you caught up so fast. I am still unburying myself from the 4-day trip to Banff. I am going to go look at your pictures now.

    • It was actually easier than I expected but mainly because I just had to edit 1 photo for each entry. It will take me much longer to edit all of my photos from the trip as a whole.

  3. Bailey was made for B&W photography!

  4. Looking forward to catching up on your blog. I caught a glimpse of a parrot in a previous post – I’m excited about the costa rica pics!

    • I’ll have a lot more to post once I can really go through and process them all. I need to set a goal to just edit like 5 photos a day so that a little gets done at a time. Hopefully in the next week or so I’ll a stack to share in addition to the daily photos.

  5. Hiya, and welcome back from your holiday. So that you know, I’ve read all of your adventures and admired all the nice photos in the email notifications, I just haven’t had the time to leave comments. Please forgive me…Costa Rica looks magnificent in those photos. The waterfalls, the volcano, the vegetation, the birds (I hope the injured one has recovered from banging her head), the cheeky parrot…everything has an exciting and exotic look. The photos and your detailed descriptions have made me feel like I went on holiday with you. Thanks :)

    I can only imagine how excited Bailey was to have you back. x

    • Bailey was super excited for us to be back, and as were we to be back with him. There is nothing like coming home to a happy puppy excited to see you.

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