Day 64: Bailey’s Bedtime Ritual

Bailey has his routines.  He is a creature of habit and is very predictable.  Every night, he has to have his nightly head licking.  It is quite strange but he absolutely loves licking the top of Craig’s head.  As soon as Craig lays down, Bailey climbs up on his back or chest and goes to town.  What is stranger is that Craig lets him.  His response is “What?  He likes it.  It makes him happy.”

Whenever Craig is away, Bailey is always extra excited for his head licking when he returns.  Last night was no exception.


5 Comments to “Day 64: Bailey’s Bedtime Ritual”

  1. Ok thats strange. But I am betting the real reason Craig likes it is not the head licking, its the nice backrub that having 4 heavy paws walking on the back produces. :)

  2. Very funny! It’s a good thing that the bird Squeaks in Costa Rico didn’t have the same urge! :) (I was thinking the same thing as Sara — that backrub would be very nice, too.)

  3. LOL That’s TOO funny! :D

  4. That. is. amazing. I love it. My westie has a fondness for foot-licking, which I also don’t understand, but I think this is even funnier. Great photo!

  5. HAHA this is great. It’s weird/strange/hilarious/adorable all rolled into one.

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