Back Home!

I’m back home from vacation and the blog will officially resume!

Costa Rica was absolutely wonderful!  I have A LOT of photo post-processing to do and then catch up with all the missed days.

You can look forward to a lot posts in this week coming up.  I apologize in advance to everyone who subscribes and all the emails you will probably be getting ;)


8 Comments to “Back Home!”

  1. Welcome back, I’m glad you had a nice holiday. I’m looking forward to your posts and holiday photos. The more the better :)

  2. I must have missed the part where you said you were going to post images of the cut out when you got BACK.. been checking lol, now I feel silly. Looking forward to your images.

  3. Yay. Glad you made it back. Awesome you had a good time but we DID miss your posts. I have been behind in my blog reading anyway though so I will take the next few days to catch up on yours and look forward to your Costa Rica photos.

  4. Im glad your back! I cant wait to hear about your adventures. I bet baily is ever gladder than I am. He hasnt seen you either in a while.

  5. Welcome back! I’m looking forward to the posts and pics – I’m sure it’s the closest I’ll ever get to Costa Rica!

  6. No need to apologise, we can’t wait to see all the pics – yay!! :) I’m guessing Bailey’s super happy you’re back! :)

    Have a great day,

    Snoopy :)

  7. Glad you’re back and you had a great trip – we missed your posts! :)

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