Day 63: Meet Squeaks

This is Squeaks.  Squeaks is the resident parrot who lives at Casa Bella Rita, the Bed & Breakfast that we spent our last night at in Costa Rica.

Squeaks had free roam around the house and gardens.  He (I say he, but they said that they don’t know if it is a boy or a girl) had a cage, which had his food and toys, but also had toys hung up in the courtyard gardens as well.  Squeaks clearly liked his current situation and the attention that he got from his people and their guests.

He especially took a liking to Craig and wanted to hang out on his shoulder the entire time we were there.  When Steve or Rita would go to move Squeaks off his shoulder for one reason or another, Squeaks would protest by biting at their hands and then quickly fly and climb back aboard. Better Craig’s shoulder than mine, given my fear of birds.

Squeaks also has a bad habit of knocking over cans.  It started off as something funny that they encouraged, but now it is a problem in that you can’t have cans out around Squeaks without him charging at them.  He attempted to knock over my coke at dinner time.  Funny bird quirks.

They also had a plethora of dogs at their house, two theirs and two that just like to hang out.  You would think I would have taken photos of them but apparently I didn’t take a single one.  It was the end of our vacation, and I clearly wasn’t thinking.

This entry also marks being caught up with Costa Rica entries!  Whoosh.  In the future I’ll post separate entries with more photos, however I am still in the process of editing them all.


3 Comments to “Day 63: Meet Squeaks”

  1. Your photos really capture the beauty of these places and animals – the picture of this bird is magnificent! Funny stories about him too. I’m enjoying visiting Costa Rica vicariously! Thanks for the “trip”! :D

  2. squeaks is very pretty, I like his feathers. Sorry about your coke can. Thats not good service for them to let the bird do that. What if the bird spilled on a laptop or a cashmere scarf? I love birds a lot, but I think all animals of every kind should behave themselves.

    • Oh they definitely don’t let him do it anymore. When they first got him, it was a habit that they encouraged just because it was funny (and it is), but then he started doing it on his own and turned into a bit of a problem. He didn’t knock over my can, just bumped it, and they moved him to his cage right after. Also we had warning about Squeak’s problems with cans with the first drink they served us earlier in the day so that a problem with a computer or something like that wouldn’t happen. It’s not something that they “let” him do, however it is not something that they can stop him from doing, as he’s a bird and though pretty domesticated still has a mind of its own. They did remove him from the room when needed though.

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