Day 60: Waterfalls were the reason for going to Costa Rica

I’m not sure if I posted this story here in the blog or not, but the way the idea for a vacation to Costa Rica came about was Craig and I were lying in bed, and I started talking about how I wanted to go somewhere with pretty waterfalls.  I then said that I wanted to go to Hawaii.  His response was “Can’t you choose somewhere closer than Hawaii?”  So then I said “How about Costa Rica?  Costa Rica has waterfalls”  He was like “Okay.  We can go to Costa Rica” which resulted in me asking him a million times “Seriously?  We can go to Costa Rica?”

On Wednesday, we did two activities.  Ziplining in the morning and horseback riding to the La Fortuna Waterfall in the afternoon.  Now to be honest, when we signed up for the horseback riding, I didn’t really read the full description.  Both Craig and I imagined in our heads that the horses would take us all the way to the waterfall and then all the way back.  Yea, not quite.  The horses only took us 1/2 the way.  Then we had to hike down (and back up) the mountain on our own to and from the waterfall.  It was so refreshing swimming there though, so it was well worth the added effort.

In addition, silly Craig had his wallet in his pocket while we were swimming.  He thought ahead enough to put it in a ziplock bag, but not enough in that his pocket didn’t zipper.  So of course it slipped out, and after about a 1/2 hour of swimming, he finally realized it.  Luckily, we had the absolute best guide on the planet, and as he was resting on the rocks by the river while we were swimming, he saw it go by.  At first he thought it was trash (and got upset about someone throwing trash in the waterfall) but then he was like “wait, that’s not trash” and jumped in the river and chased it downstream where he caught it for us.  Imagine our relief when he pulled it out as we were telling him that we lost it.  You better believe he got a good tip.

An added bonus for today’s post,  on Wednesday the Arenal Volcano (which is the main attraction of the area) finally decided to show itself.  Up until then on our trip, you wouldn’t have even known that a volcano existed because it was constantly covered by a big thick cloud.  What a sight it was when the clouds finally parted.  It revealed the entire volcano, even the cone where you could even see the steam coming out.  It was gorgeous.  The following photos were taken from our hotel grounds.


5 Comments to “Day 60: Waterfalls were the reason for going to Costa Rica”

  1. wow, the volcano looks like a picture from Jurassic Park era. This post answered my question from the frog post.

  2. Jeez, Kristen, those are amazing shots! Somebody should be paying for tourist shots. Lovely.

  3. Sounds like you guys had lots of fun at the Waterfall – and you were very lucky to get your wallet back, phew!!

    Your story about the hike reminded Mum of when they went to Hawaii last year and went to visit a great waterfall. They had to Kayak 1 hour each way and also hike through the forest 1 hour each way, as well as get eaten alive by mossies, but the Waterfall was amazing! Luckily! :)

    Looking forward to seeing all the rest of your pics :)

    Snoopy :)

  4. What gorgeous photos!! I mean really beautiful. I love waterfalls too, but I never swam at the base of one. Gotta try that next!

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