Day 58: My Own Little Towel Zoo

After Villa Blanca, we stayed at an amazingly beautiful hotel called Arenal Nayara.  Our casita was absolutely wonderful from everything between a king size canopy bed,  a private (surrounded by vegetation so no one can see you) deck with chairs, a hammock, and a outdoor jacuzzi, and the huuuuuge bathroom comprising of TWO showers, one indoor and one outdoor in a private little garden.  It was amazing.

Everyday maid cleaning came in and left towel art decorated with flower petals and leaves.  This was my first time staying anywhere that did towel art so needless to say, every day when we came back to our room I was excited to see what new towel art would be left for us.  Then I would take said towel art and hide it in the closet building a collection.

We had 4 days of towel art.  The first is the monkey posted up above.

Then an elephant.

Then another elephant (which I was a little disappointed about but they made it different)

Then an armadillo (we think)

At the end, I took them all out to hang out together ;)  (Ignore the crappy arrangements of the pillows, that was my quick doing)

I wonder what the reaction was when they found all the different towel animals in the room after we checked out.


4 Comments to “Day 58: My Own Little Towel Zoo”

  1. that armadillo is the cutest towel art I have EVER seen. WOW!

  2. How charming! I always tip the maid service when leaving a hotel, but I’d be really happy to do so if they had left such nice little gifts for me each day!

  3. How cool! Looks like a beautiful place to stay.

  4. So cute. I love that you saved the towel art from each day.

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