Day 57: Broken Hummingbird

We only spent one night at Villa Blanca.  In the morning we did a morning tour of the cloud forest, although we weren’t as lucky about seeing any creatures.  It was rainy and there weren’t many animals out and about.  We got to see some hummingbirds and other birds though and learn a lot about all the vegetation that grows in this type of ecosystem.  Even though it was raining a pretty good portion of the tour, it was still very enjoyable and informative.

Later on in the afternoon when we were leaving we decided to quickly check out the chapel on site since we hadn’t visited it yet.  It was a gift to the hotel and the ceiling is covered with hand painted tiles.  When we entered the chapel, there was a hummingbird inside.  Us coming inside must have spooked him so he immediately tried to fly out.  He did this by first flying into the window.  Then the wall.  Then a couple pews.  After one too many bonks on the head from flying into stuff, he eventually ended up still on the floor, wings all spread out in an awkward position, clearly hurt.

We ended up picking it up with no protest from the bird and brought it back to the main desk at the resort.  Now I have a slight fear of birds, which is why I carried him (or her?) in Craig’s hat, too scared to hold him.  We took him to the people at the desk where I asked them if they could fix him.  I imagine if I brought a hurt hummingbird to the main desk in a American hotel they would look at me like I was absolutely crazy.  However most people in Costa Rica clearly care about wildlife so they were happy to help.  The girl scooped him up and cradled it in her hands while someone else went to get some sugar water.  Hopefully he was just a little out of it from bonking its head and was back to himself quickly.  We couldn’t stay long enough to check up on him because we needed to get on the road to our next destination.

Here is a photo of a not so hurt hummingbird


2 Comments to “Day 57: Broken Hummingbird”

  1. Aw the poor little thing! Gorgeous colors, though. I’m the opposite of you – I just LOVE birds! :)

  2. Wow! Their hummingbirds are so neat compared to our regular ol’ ruby throat.

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