Day 56: The Lonely Frog

Our first night in Costa Rica was spent at Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel & Nature Reserve. Being up in the cloud forest,  our stay was very cloudy and foggy to say the least.   Not once did we see the sun, however it made for a very unique atmosphere.  After I finish the 365 posts, I will be making additional posts with more images and I’ll share the many photos of this interesting atmosphere.

We jumped right into activities and did a night walk through the forest to see some of the nocturnal creatures.  We saw lots of insects, spiders, reptiles, and amphibians.  Unfortunately since I never rented a macro lens for the trip (went with a good telephoto and wide-angle), my SLR didn’t quite do the job on this tour.  However the little Canon Powershot D10 that we purchased and brought along was happy to jump in.  It performed quite nicely considering this photo is straight off the camera, aside from a little cropping for composition and adding of the watermark.

Most of the frogs that we found were coupled up if you know what I mean.  This poor frog was not so lucky that night and was on his own.

(Also, the 365 photos are just going to be Costa Rica photos… No Bailey photoshopped in or cut-out Bailey.  We brought the cut-out with us on the trip, but it hardly made it’s way out of the bag.  It’s okay though.  I said in the beginning of this 365 project that even though it will mainly be focused on Bailey, that it will stray.)


3 Comments to “Day 56: The Lonely Frog”

  1. Vibrant green. Lovely. Did you ever tell us how or why you went to Costa Rica? Vacation? I don’t remember. That hotel looked very relaxing indeed.

  2. I agree with Sara, that green is so vibrant and gorgeous. Great night time shot. Looks like you had a great trip and hope that hummingbird was better — it’s great you were able to get him to some caring help. It’s was probably preferable to the hummingbird to be in the hat, anyhow, as it was probably very scary to him (her?) to be transported. Looking forward to more stories and pictures!

  3. My daughter loves frogs. This photo should be on a calender or postcard – it’s got perfect lighting, so dramatic. :)

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