Day 54: Imposter!

“Who is that in my bed?”

We got our Bailey cut-out for Costa Rica… unfortunately it’s not much of a “cut-out”.  We ordered from Kinkos, or FedEx Office (I don’t think they go by Kinkos anymore) and we ordered a laminated poster on whiteboard.

I underestimated just how good of a quality the picture would be.  I was thinking we could just have it printed and then take a razor blade to it and cut Bailey out.  Well… I thought wrong.  The laminated top is such good quality that Craig couldn’t even get the blade to go in it.  We are looking into other options to cut it out.  I personally think it will look really stupid in pictures with all the extra white around it.  However with how sturdy the board is, I’m not sure if it will be possible.    We’ll see…

The good news is if you ever need a really sturdy poster FedEx Office is your place ;)


10 Comments to “Day 54: Imposter!”

  1. It’s a great picture, though! And clearly Bailey likes it too! :)

  2. oh I hope you can cut it out, looks like it would end up really cute.

  3. love it! Can’t wait to see bailey on top of the volcano in CR. Underwater shots are also a must!

  4. I love that photo of Bailey trying to deal with the impostor!
    It’s funny to hear about a product that causes problems due to its high quality! :) Good luck with the cutting, you might need an electric saw :P

  5. Hahaha, what a pun! ImPoster!

  6. Bailey,

    What are they doing to you? Thinking they can replace you with a piece of cardboard!! If I was you I’d chew it up then they’d have to take you, right!? Btw, the pic is pretty realistic, just sayin’

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  7. What you are proposing to do is so funny! But take the board to anyone who has a woodshop. A tool called a scroll saw wil do the trick. Or if you know someone who does drywall for a living ask them to cut it.

  8. Were you trying to cut the board with a regular or number 10 razor blade? Try an Olfa knife or a utility blade, which is a much more heavy duty blade with a handle. If your board is solid plastic, it probably won’t work though. Another option – just ask the Fed-ex Kinko’s folks. They probably have a plethora of cutting tools on site.

  9. Haha this is great — a Bailey stunt double!

  10. I agree it would look better without all the white around ti but it’s not like you will REALLY be fooling anyone anyway :) One one hand that board might be too big to pack but on the other hand it might not bend as easily. You could always just go with the photoshop thing but that would probably be more work

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