Day 52: Laundry is a chore, and so is this blog

Why is it that when I can’t think of photos to take of Bailey it results in putting him in strange places?  Bailey is wondering that too, and as you can see, he wasn’t too happy about it today :P   The expression on his face actually represents how I’ve been feeling lately too.

I’ve really been feeling the stress of this blog and my 365 project as of lately.  It takes a lot of motivation to think of a photo idea, take the photo, post-process the photo, write the blog entry and then rinse, repeat for the day after that and after that.  I feel like my photos have actually been getting worse as of lately, and I know its because taking pictures hasn’t been fun.  It’s been a chore.  It’s wearing on me, and I’ve had a lot of thoughts about quitting.  But for now I’m going to try to keep pushing on.  We’ll see.

I have also decided not to do Time Warp Tuesday every week.    I mentioned when I first started doing it that I never realized how few photos I had of Bailey when he was a puppy.  I wasn’t attached to my camera back then.  So I’ll only probably have them like once a month.  Takes off a bit of pressure.


17 Comments to “Day 52: Laundry is a chore, and so is this blog”

  1. I’ll be sorry to see your blog end if that’s what you decide to do, but I certainly understand how it is when something fun becomes a chore. And who needs more of those!? I’ll just keep enjoying your blog and your photos for as long as they last – Baily is like a white reflection of Daisy, so I have a special interest in visiting your blog! :)

  2. Ach, I definitely get the chore thing. It’s funny how something you decide to do for yourself, and no one else, can easily become dreaded and chore like. I felt the same way about my blog for a bit, because I didn’t have anything interesting to write about. But then I just kept thinking, who CARES. It’s MY blog, I write for me, not for anyone else. If I don’t post for a month, big whoop. It’s not being tallied and graded.

    While I do enjoy the Daily Baily, I’d just as much enjoy a Weekly Bailey, a Monthly Bailey, or a Random Bailey. Do whatever feels right for you!

  3. Like Raising Daisy, I’ll be sorry to see your blog end, too. Bailey’s underbite has grown on me! I totally understand your concerns though. Sometimes I worry about running out of content to share with my blogging friends.

  4. Great advice from Ashley. Do it for you. Only you. We all love your posts but it will only be enjoyable to us if we see your energy and joy coming through it. I appreciate your honesty about it; blogging does take time and it’s important that you spend your time in ways that are making you happy, not pulling you down. I’m sure if you reach down to explore why you want to do it, you’ll find the ways that work for YOU to support that goal. Good luck.

  5. Just keep it up so many want to give up. I changed to blog a week not a day. :) Please stay Bailey

  6. A weekly Bailey sounds like a good idea. Then you could surprise us with random Bailey with extra posts during the week if you get inspired. But I have often wondered why you don’t schedual some posts in advance. Doing your kind of posts always impresses me knowing you have been doing them daily, on the spot. And they always come with good stories, not just a ‘this is my dog.’

    I just hope you don’t give up completely. Youve put so much work into this. And it might be considered to be your portfolio someday.

    • If I was only doing a “daily post” blog and not specifically a 365 photo project, I would consider scheduling posts in advance. However the point of a 365 project is to take a photo every day and share it, not just share a old photo. I would feel like I was cheating too much.

      I want to stick with it. I do. I think I’m just extra stressed because of having to worry about getting ready to leave for our trip as well. Hopefully I’ll get rejuvenated after a week of fun and relaxation and not having to worry about blogging and deadlines. Although the week of catchup will probably do me in all over again :P

  7. Ah, yes, the burden of a daily post. It sounds like such a great idea in the beginning and then you start to feel the pressure, like a newspaper or anything else that has an insane deadline with an audience that expects an outcome on a regular bases.

    365 days is a huge commitment. I tried posting a drawing or watercolor a week and soon found it impossible. Luckily, I didn’t have the following you have and got off the hook rather easily. Remember the film “Julia and Juila?” Young Julia just about lost her mind posting a recipe result a day. I’m sure you can relate ~ deciding what venue, where, when, theme of the day for Bailey, then post-op photo shoot work, write the post, edit the post, then post the post….this must take Hours. Every. Day.

    Plus, life throws good stuff at you, like a trip to Costa Rica! Or bad stuff, like the stomach flu!

    I think you need to, if you haven’t already, remember why you wanted to do this blog. I can think of a number of them:
    • Bailey is cuter than all get out and has found his forever home.
    • It’s so cool that you are building awareness of the homeless dog problem and that you and Craig are foster dog parents
    finding the very best forever home for the dogs that you foster.
    • That you make recommendations for proper dog care and for their ultimate happiness
    • That you are a truly gifted photographer and Bailey is your muse
    • That you are a truly gifted photographer and you wouldn’t mind making a living photographing other people’s dogs.

    That said, we all know you have a new camera that you are getting use to and you have your own inner critic talking way too loud. I for one, find each and every photo you post delightful. I’m not looking for perfection. I’m looking for the Daily Bailey
    that is a high point in my day.

    The important thing is you are starting to build a Creative Habit. This is very important to have if you want to get to where you want to go as a photographer, as an artist. But maybe posting everyday isn’t the ideal right now. A post a week would be good ~ there are too many of us who have grown very fond of Bailey and will want to know how he and his people are doing. But this would be a time to reflect and recharge. Plus wouldn’t Bailey wonder “Mom, don’t I look especially cute today, so where is your black box?”

  8. Ashley said it first but I agree with everyone else too. You need to do what is right for you. I certainly would be very disappointed if you ended this blog. I know you comitted to the 365 challenge but we won’t think less of you if you decide it’s just too much. This was supposed to be fun remember? I might suggest an alternative to the black and white of sticking with it or quitting. What about ending the challenge but still blogging every day (or at least 3 times a week)? How could you expand your blog niche? Posts on how to take great photos of your dog? Photos of bailey around the City (you could even stick him in strange places :) )? Definately keep up with the foster dog stories. If you expanded to these other things you can schedule some of your posts ahead of time. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t do that!

  9. AWWWW That’s cute!!!! :D

  10. It’s already been said but having been in your position I can relate so…. IT’S YOUR BLOG. I highly doubt that any of your fans would mind if you had to cut back some. I struggle even to do a weekly post, and I knew the daily would be out of the picture and would rule my life too much. Maybe you can start incoorperating other elements of Bailey’s life into your posts, branch out and remove the demand that you must do a photo. After all it’s just called Daily Bailey… not daily bailey photos. So tell us about other parts of his life. Take a picture of his favorite tree to pee on, or toy, or walk location, or buddy. I totally understand how pressure can end up killing inspiration which is why I have kept myself from wanting to go pro/career with my art. It wouldn’t be as fun then.
    Anyway, we all go through these spells, so just hang in there. Do you have a macro lens? That would make taking photos of him fun. Or a fish eye.. you could look into renting some at my favorite place.
    Take care

    • Thats so funny that you mentioned Lensprotogo. I’m actually renting a couple of lenses from them for our Costa Rica trip. It will be my first time renting with them but I’ve already had such a great experience with them. When I was looking for a place to rent lenses, I wanted to find some place local. When it comes to expensive equipment being shipped back and forth on a deadline, I feel much more comfortable picking up and dropping off in person. My searches eventually led me to Lensprotogo which is based right in the town that I work. I was having trouble deciding on a couple lenses so I sent them an email. They invited me to just drop by one day so I could look at all the lenses in person, try them on my camera, and talk about it with them there. I went last week after work and they were so nice. Paul showed me a bunch of options, let me try them on my camera so I could get a feel for the weight and how much range I would have with the lens. Let me make sure they fit into my camera bag, etc. Not to mention I save 10 dollars per item off their rates since it’s local pick-up. I don’t know if I’ll be renting from them super often since it adds up and I’d rather just invest that money towards my own equipment, but whenever I do have a need for rental equipment, it will come from them.

      • small world. They actually do a fanstic job shipping, all in foam and a pelican case. I love it. And their rates are fantastic and allows me to rent a nice zoom for way cheaper than I could afford to buy… but I have not rented from them since my africa trip, so I hear you. They have fantastic customer service which is half the reason I recommend them. And I really like their insurance policies, so many other places try and stick you in that area.
        Let me know what you decide to take

  11. Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement, ideas to switch it up, and advice. I’m going to keep pressing on and we’ll see how it goes. If it continues to be a factor of stress and pressure, I’ll consider ways to change it up so that the blog can stay but maybe the daily postings or photos will go. I appreciate all of your comments :)

  12. Hey there Bailey,

    I’m thinking maybe your Mum needs an extra hug from you? We love your pics, they’re so good!!

    My Mum takes pics of me constantly, but they’re just of random moments and often with her phone, so they’re not perfect, her view is she wouldn’t even capture that moment if she tried to do it with her better camera as it would be lost by the time she got it……:)

    You’re right about staying happy, just do what feels good for you :) Btw, have you tried scheduling some in advance when you have a few? It would take the pressure off and you could have a day off?

    Have a fun day and a fun trip :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  13. Hiya – I read your post a few days back, but felt too burnt out on blogging to sit down and formulate a reply. I know how you feel! First, I want to say that I’m impressed at your endeavor to take and post a photograph every day. I attempt to blog 5 days a week, which means I get two days off, and I also pre-schedule posts. And it’s still hard for me. One of the reasons why posting a photo can be so difficult is the whole post-processing procedure. What a pain… Which brings me to a suggestion – would you feel okay about including phone pics in your post? I have an iphone – not sure what you have – and there are a ton of really fun apps to spice up phone pics. I mix it up on my blog with both SLR and iphone pics, in part because the iphone allows me to be spontaneous and creative — one of the whole reasons I fell in love with photography in the first place. Consider taking photos with your phone, with an instant camera, or any other device which could bring back a little fun to what sometimes devolves into a chore. Good luck!!

  14. Cute! He looks like he is wondering where he is

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