Day 50: Bailey’s only job

To take care of his people when they don’t feel well and keep them company…


6 Comments to “Day 50: Bailey’s only job”

  1. And it’s the best job!

    Dogs have such empathy for what is happening in their human’s lives. Thank goodness as dogs greatly improve the quality of life for people by becoming service dogs for the disabled or have the amazing ability to detect when their owner is about to have grand mal seizure.

    Bailey might not be able to dish up chicken soup or ease a headache, but just having him close by must be comforting, I’m sure.
    I hope Craig feels better soon.

  2. How precious! Nothing makes a person feel better than a cuddly puppy!

  3. Awww…Dogs are so sweet :D

  4. So sweet! My dogs always know when I’m not feeling well. They never leave my side. Such good friends!

  5. I thought you were going to say to sleep and look cute :) That is what Chester and Gretel are best at. Snuggles with them do help when you are sad or don’t feel well though.

  6. Well, he looks like he’s doing it properly, so well done Bailey! George’s job is pretty much the same :)

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