Day 49: He’s ready for his close up :)

Most people would look at this photo and be like “What? He had a haircut?” but yes, Bailey did indeed get groomed today, and he did actually get a lot of hair cut off. We like to keep Bailey on the longer side though. He just looks a whole lot cuter a little long, curly, and disheveled. Prim and proper isn’t Bailey’s best look. He’s a shaggy dog, and proud of it. Whenever he comes home from the groomer, although he is cute, I have to resist the urge to get him wet so that his hair curls back up and isn’t so straight. Normally I can convince myself not to by just continually running my fingers through his soft cotton fur.

He always smells soooooooo good when he comes home too. His “freshly groomed” smell lasts so long. Even after many days of the dog park and daily life, he will still have that wonderful smell.


Also, in other news, Craig and I will be Costa Rica bound in exactly 1 week.  So flipping excited.  We have been debating 2 options for the Daily Bailey photos.  Option #1, I can photoshop him into the Costa Rica photos.  Option #2,  we get a big (preferrably cardboard) print out of Bailey which we set up for various photos throughout our trip.  Option #2 will probably result in many people thinking we are absolute nutjobs, but its definitely the more amusing option of the two lol.  What do you guys think?

Although I’ll have a daily photo for each day we are gone, the photos will not be posted daily during that week, which is totally understandable right? I’ll be in Costa Rica!  I will edit and post them all when we return, and I’ll just backdate the posts.

As for where Bailey will be while we are in Costa Rica, he’ll be having a weeklong sleepover with Gaston.


11 Comments to “Day 49: He’s ready for his close up :)”

  1. oh definitly option #2. At least one time for fun.

    There might be a Shi tzu named Clyde entering my life very soon. I’ll see what fate brings. Ive told the people that if euthanasia is a likely possibility, then I would be willing to give him a home instead. Hes 7 years old.

  2. Love it, he looks great. Have a wonderful trip! I say option 2 also, but it’s a hard call.

  3. Definitely option 2. It would be hysterical to see people’s reactions to watching you photograph a cutout of Bailey!! :-)

    And Bailey looks so cute with his haircut, all coiffed. But, he is ALWAYS ready for his close up. You have one of the most photogenic dogs ever.

  4. We are going on a trip soon too without the dogs. I was totally thinking of phoshopping them in after as a joke. It’s fynny you mentioned that.

    Have a geat time in Costa Rica!

  5. Oh, #2 of course! I am laughing already! He can go into restaurants, pools, all kinds of places “real” Bailey might not be welcome. Have a great trip, too!

  6. I agree with everyone else, definitely option 2. That will be hysterical! And I can’t believe that his nice smell lasts so long after grooming!

  7. P.S. Have a fabulous time in Costa Rica! Sounds wonderful.

  8. Oh my goodness Bailey – you’re looking cool – I agree with your Mum, Shaggy Dogs Rock!! :)

    Am I right in thinking you’re not going to Costa Rica? How could they leave you behind and think that they will be happy with a ‘cardboard cut-out’ – jeepers!! My folks have left me behind too…..doh!! Even though I have a fab time with Cosmo (next door), it’s always fun to make them feel bad so I get extra treats!! :)

    I hope your folks have a fab time and we’re looking forward to the pics, even if the ‘real’ Bailey won’t be appearing! :)

    Have a great day,

    Snoopy :)

  9. I vote for the cardboard cutout of Bailey! :D

  10. Oooooh….Have fun in Costa Rica. We are getting ready for a trip without the dogs and we were thinking of photoshopping them in when we get back so it’s funny you mentioned that.

  11. Cardboard cutout, for sure! Have a wonderful time in Costa Rica (sans computer!) : )

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