Day 48: Dogs look really silly when they run

Bailey’s best friend Gaston came over this afternoon to play.  It is quite amusing to photograph them as they are running together because of the expressions that it captures on their faces.

One thing I love about my new camera is that in burst mode, it can take up to 8 frame per second.  I compare the sound of my shutter to a machine gun as it rapidly fires photos.  It’s so fast.  The auto focus also does a decent job at tracking the moving subject and results in some great action photos.  The fact that the grass hasn’t been cut in a long time messed up the focus in quite a few shots though.  My camera many times wanted to focus on the tall grass/weeds instead of the dogs.  I really can’t wait to photograph Bailey doing agility stuff with this camera because of it’s fast shooting.  We just haven’t gotten around to taking out any of his gear lately.

Here are a some extras.

Bailey grinning as he runs.  I love the little smirk on his face and the mischief in his eyes.

Gaston just looks plain silly

I love Gaston’s ears in this next one.

A couple of them wrestling/chewing on each other.  I kinda love the first one how they are just twisted together, but you can see Bailey’s teeth lol

and to finish it off, one portrait of Gaston because he’s so handsome

Also, to all my blogging buddies, I have a lot of posts to catch up on on the weekend. I don’t know what it has been lately, but I’ve been so tired and barely have enough energy to get up my own daily posts, let alone read and comment on all my subscriptions. I’ll be around soon though to catch up with what everyone has been up to :)


16 Comments to “Day 48: Dogs look really silly when they run”

  1. I LOVE the expressions on these pups faces! They look so cute running around so happily; I especially love the pictures with Bailey’s tongue or ears flying! Great photography!

  2. I have often wanted to do a post like this.. I photograph quite a few labs, and they have some of the silliest droopiest faces, makes for funny pics. One day I will get around to sharing those. I hear you on being behind on blogs, been an exhausting 2 weeks.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend

  3. Aw what great pictures!! I love puppy playtime pictures as well … I always get a few where at first look, you would think our dogs are mauling each other to death ;)

  4. You really did an awesome job on these action shots. They look so darn happy and I love the way they are beside eachother the whole time, Gaston is a handsome guy.

  5. Cute photos.

    I hear ya on the time. It’s 9 pm and I just got home. I have 1 hour to read and comment on blogs before I have to go to bed so I can get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

  6. Did my comment show up? For some reason my comments on all my freind’s blogs don’t aqppear to be going through??

  7. Sorry, if you got repeated comments from me. They don’t seem to be going through.

  8. Great “persuit” photos :)

  9. I love the energy you have captured in these shots. Watching twp dogs run together is so enjoyable to me — it’s so cool to see them navigate and interact with each other. Thanks for these!

  10. nice! when my dog runs,he’s like half leaping and half bouncing, it’s hilarious! Very short bursts of energy though, after a few leaps, he gotta pause and then bouce again, lol

  11. I love that first picture of Gaston. He looks so goofy!

  12. What fun they were having and you’ve captured them beautifully.

  13. I love the gleeful expressions! I know what you mean about catching up on blog reading – something I’m doing today… I tend to read my blogs in big chunks, so I hope you know I still love you guys, even if I don’t comment every day!

  14. I LOVE THE PICS!!! Gaston looks freaking hilarious running by himself; he kinda looks like Sid from Ice Age in it. And he looks so handsome in his last pic. There really is no one as slick as Gaston :)

  15. Can you please check your spam folder for my slew of comments I left yesterday? Apparently some bug has been sending my comments straight to people’s spam.

  16. Hey Bailey,

    These are some uber cool pics – I don’t think you look silly!! I especially like the one where it looks like you’ve got Gaston’s ear in your mouth – tee hee

    Hope you’re having a fun weekend buddy,

    Snoopy :)

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