Day 46: The Ground is White Again

This is the white stuff that I don’t mind though.  We have some sort of tree blossoming in our yard, and as a result our yard is being covered by white petals.  I had already planned on this being the shot today, but I was hoping for a little more coverage.  I’m sure in a few more days there will be a nice blanket.


6 Comments to “Day 46: The Ground is White Again”

  1. I was about to have a cow (well not really) if you had more snow… that would just not be fair. I would need to see a better pick of the tree to know what it was. Enjoy your snow ;-)

  2. That’s the good kind of white stuff :)

  3. I panicked for a second when I read your title and I thought ‘Oh, no, not more snow!’. Glad to see it’s tree blossom, we like this stuff, too. x

  4. I love it when the ground turns pink or white from tree flower petals! So pretty. I love the expression on Bailey’s face too!

  5. You better check Bailey for a ripped seam. I think he is loosing his stuffing. Great pic!

  6. At least it’s not dog fur… we have a veritable blizzard of that white stuff over here.

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