Day 43: Bailey the Easter Puppy

Bailey wasn’t in the mood for dress up today.  Ever since we have gotten back home in Boston, he has been passed out sleeping.  Being passenger in a 5.5 hour car ride is tough work.

He certainly didn’t appreciate being woken up to pose outside with some bunny ears. It took a lot to get a picture of him with his eyes open (most of them were sleepy squinty eyes) and where he didn’t look totally pissed off at me.   Where is your Easter cheer, Bailey? :P   He went right back to his nap after we came inside.

We hope everyone has a lovely Easter, and if you don’t celebrate Easter, have a lovely Sunday :)


13 Comments to “Day 43: Bailey the Easter Puppy”

  1. Happy Easter! Even though Bailey looks a tad irritated, he’s way cuter than any Easter bunny I’ve ever seen. :)

  2. Goodness he does look a bit peaked at having to wear those ears :)

  3. Hey Bailey,

    I feel for you buddy!! :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  4. Cute, Cute, Cute! Bailey is the perfect size and color to play the easter bunny!

  5. Cutest picture ever! Love the Easter dog!

  6. Lol.. Bailey looks like he wants to make a hippity-hoppity exit from the garden and head straight for his bed. What a good sport he is, though! Great photo :)

  7. Happy Easter Bailey. You look so adorable. Nice face too :)

  8. Oh, that’s so sweet! I love the Bailey bunny! x

  9. Too cute I have to pull out the chicken or beef leftovers for such photos from Luna, tho I don’t mind. Hope your weather was as nice as ours. I’m enjoying our weekend away tho I miss the pups.

  10. Bailey looks SO CUTE!!! Love the photo.

  11. Too cute … I just LOVE his smile :)

  12. This is just the cutest! If he hopped out from begind a bush, Ide be a beleiver for life in the Easter Bailey Bunny. Im such a hypocrite, I dont like clothes on cats, but I love clothes on dogs. He is a little bunny boy.

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