Day 40: Battle Wounds

Bailey’s arch nemesis is Dexter the Cat, who belongs to my brother’s fiance.  They do not get along at all.  Bailey is not used to being around cats (he was socialized with them a little as a puppy at a friends house, but its been a long time since then), and Dexter is not socialized with dogs either.  Therefore they are like oil and water and don’t mix.

We went out this afternoon, and we locked Dexter into the laundry room while we were gone.  Well Dexter got out and the results weren’t pretty.  We came home to the door opened, no cat or dog in sight.  I ran upstairs and saw Dexter.  I continued to look for Bailey and found him hiding in our bedroom in the corner behind some boxes.  His nose was all bloody as was his paw (from probably rubbing it at his nose).  In addition to the mess that Bailey was in, he also peed and pooped in the corner and got blood all over the carpet.  He was absolutely terrified.

I’m never leaving him alone in the house with Dexter again, even when we think we have separated them.  I feel like such a bad mom :(

As you can tell, he rebounds pretty quickly and is back to his smiley self, but he has the battle wounds to show for his encounters.  I think its safe to say that Dexter won that fight.


11 Comments to “Day 40: Battle Wounds”

  1. Oh NO! Poor little Bailey! You’re not a bad mom, there was no way you could have predicted that Dexter would get out; if you thought it was possible, I’m sure you’d never have left him there. Bailey is just so sweet that he can’t help turning right back to his happy little self even after such a traumatic event. I wonder if Bailey will have a fear of cats after this. Give him a BIG pitty-pat from Daisy!

  2. Awwwwwww poor Bailey! You’re far from a bad doggy mommy – accidents happen. Hope the little guy heals fully and quickly. And in the meantime, I’m sure that Bailey will tell all of his canine friends about how he got into a bar fight with a tiger! ;)

  3. Poor Bailey! Oscar had a similar battle wound, too, on the side of his nose a few months ago. Don’t worry! Dogs don’t hold grudges like cats do. I’m sure Bailey’s already over it. :)

  4. Poor Bailey. You would wish they would learn their lesson and stay away from the cat but unfortunately little doggie brains don’t think like that. Accidents happen, it wasn’t your fault. Maybe you should lock the cat in a bedroom next time?

  5. Thanks everyone. I just can’t help but feel responsible when something like this happens to him. He’s my baby, and my heart absolutely broke when I found him hiding in the corner covered in blood. :( He bounces back quicker than I do though.

  6. oh wow, cats & dogs just don’t mix eh? My silly dog is prob the only dog I know that has no idea of cat’s existence. I walk him at the park around my apt and there are always a few stray cats, and he totally ignore them and pretend they’re not there! It’s crazy, but the cats pretend he doesn’t exist either

    • Bailey definitely is aware of the cats existence. He doesn’t want to hurt them. He wants to play, but he doesn’t realize that they don’t want to play with him. Then it results in the cat getting pissed off at him, and then this happened because unfortunately no one was around to stop it.

      I’m jealous that you have a dog that just ignores their existence. The cats probably don’t see him as a threat so just ignore him as well. Bailey has charged Dexter a few too many times (all playfully, but not in Dexter’s eyes) so now he is very on the defensive (or rather offensive) whenever Bailey is nearby him.

  7. Oh, no, poor baby. I really feel for him, cats can be vicious. I feel for you, too, it can’t be easy to see your baby hurt, but don’t blame yourself, we can’t watch them 24 hours a day. I hope you’ll both get over it quickly. x

  8. Poor Bailey,

    Sending you some wags, I’m sure you only wanted to play too, hey Bailey?! I’ve not had much luck playing with cats either, I think they can be kinda complicated?! Well, I sure can’t figure them out?

    Wish you could come over here to play with me, I’m friendly to everyone……:)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  9. Aww thats terrible! I feel so bad for him! His feelings must have been hurt pretty badly. It doesnt say, was he at Dexters house and Dexter didnt know it? The poor guy. I feel sad for him. And the cat only did it out of fear, so both critters probably had a very bad day alone in the house.

    Put some Natural Vitamin E on that nose if you have any. It will keep the scars away.

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