Why I Miss Living in Jersey…

Straight and Simple – Boston isn’t nearly this pretty.

These photos were taken this evening in the peach orchard behind our house.  The trees are blossoming and paired with the gorgeous sunlight you get as the sun is setting, it made for some beautiful photos.  The horses belong to our neighbors.


14 Comments to “Why I Miss Living in Jersey…”

  1. I was out in the country with my mom and sister today and it was so lovely. Part of me wants to live in the country. All the photos you took are gorgeous! I LOVE the ones with Bailey; there’s something about a dog running free that is just so joyful! Thanks for sharing your country pictures with us!

    • Thank you. I definitely miss living in the country, and would totally move back in the future if I could convince Craig of it. Bailey needs no convincing. He loves having so much room to roam and run.

  2. I don’t blame you for missing the countryside, it looks fantastic. Beautiful nature shots, and your new photography logo is very stylish.

    • Thank you :) I was very happy with the photos from today. There is just something about the light when the sun is setting. It’s so pretty and it makes everything glow.

      Although I do wish I would have held off on taking the photos of Bailey out there, so I could use them as a 365 photo over the next couple days. Wasted the chance for a lot of good shots by using them all up in one day lol.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love the colours and the light and Bailey seems to have lots of fun goind wild :)

  4. Beautiful!!! Farms are my favorite.

    • Thanks, Ashley! I agree. The farm isn’t ours, but our house is pretty much surrounded by it, and we also have always rented off some of our land to him. Which is even better. We get the pretty scenery of the farm without having to do any work lol It’s so nice living out here.

  5. I don’t spend much time in Boston, but if you want country scenes like this you have to leave the city limits. There are plenty of scenes like this in MA. I grew up in areas like this and Katy and Bailey love it. They attend daycare at a former horse farm.

    I am sorry you miss Jersey, but you should explore MA before thinking it is all city.

    • Oh I definitely know (and agree) that there are pretty places like this in Massachusetts. It’s just not where I live in MA, and although I know places like this are a “short” drive away, these pictures were literally pretty much taken in my backyard. I can’t get that in Boston. The reason I moved up to Boston was because my boyfriend lived there. Unlike me, he has a really good stable job, so I don’t see us moving anywhere in the foreseeable future. This wasn’t necessarily meant to be a “Boo MA/Boston, Yay Jersey” just that I am such a country girl at heart and the move I made 3 years ago was a very big change for me and scenery like this right behind my house is what I miss. You’ll notice I didn’t say “Massachusetts isn’t nearly this pretty.” I said “Boston isn’t nearly this pretty.”

  6. These are beautiful pictures. Just looking at them makes you feel all happy and serene inside :) I can imagine how happy Bailey must be, running around in the open with the wind in his hair…:) Nothing like the countryside.

  7. Great pictures. I love spring in the country. I grew up “outside of town” but now I live in Seattle. At first I thought I would hate it but now I love the City. I love to visit the country but I don’t know if I could life there anymore.

  8. That’s the Jersey I know! :) I LOVE the first photo of Bailey – he looks SO happy with his country freedom! You’re an excellent photographer, I think you’ll get plenty of clients. Ever enter any photography contests? I think you’d definitely win.

  9. Thank you for sharing a slice of the country life . . . it made me nostalgic. I grew up in Ohio, and I love to visit the parent’s farm whenever I can! Beautiful photos.

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