Day 39: From the City to the Country

Bailey and I made the drive down to New Jersey today to visit family and friends since I have off work for the week.  We’ll be staying here until Sunday.  Bailey always loves when we come down to Jersey.  We have 9 acres of land surrounded by more farm land and woods, and he has so much room to run free.  It’s a doggy dream for him.


16 Comments to “Day 39: From the City to the Country”

  1. What a gorgeous photo! Bailey looks SO happy. You’re in our neck of the woods – we’re in central Jersey, lots of farmland here, beaches pretty near as well. Hope you enjoy your stay and that our weather gets brighter for you!

  2. Bailey looks so happy. I love it when I can catch Gretel leaping mid-air too.

  3. Lovely photo!!! Bailey looks like he is having a ball — too bad our guys can’t join him in on the fun! :)

  4. Bailey looks as he is suspended in air! Great photo with the luscious scenery.

  5. Love it. great exposure, colors and DOF.. he looks happy happy. the running towards you shots are always tricky

    • Thanks. I used the burst setting today and was amazed at not only how fast it took photos but how it really followed the subject and kept him in focus. I am really loving my new camera more every day.

      • yeah even when in burst H and a high enough ISO it still have trouble as it came towards me. But maybe that’s because I usually shoot with a set AF point, what AF settings were you using?

  6. oh this is so beautifull!! Its almost like dandylions. Hes got a big goofy look in his face today. Must have been having a super fun adventure. Exploring a new place.

    • Thanks :) I thought of you and your suggestion for the dandelions when I was pulling up in our driveway today and saw that my brother hasn’t mowed so that the wild flowers were overgrowing. The purple flowers were much more prominent than the dandelions so I decided to go with them instead. I’ll get you a dandelion photo soon :)

      He does love it down here, though its not really a new place to him. The Jersey house is his home away from home.

  7. I love Bailey’s white fur against the purple of those flowers. Beautiful. And Bailey looks SO happy in this shot, like he’s landed in paradise. A dog surely enjoys the freedom of free-running :)

    • Yea, as soon as I saw the flowers I knew I had to take a picture of Bailey in them. Ever since my photo of Bailey with the purple crocuses, I’ve realized how good his fur looks against purple in photos. It also helped that he thinks he’s a rabbit and loves jumping through them.

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