The Official Goodbye

It’s official.  Jay has left for his forever home and has started his life with his new people.  He has now gained a place on the “Happy Tails” page, and I have no doubt in my mind that he will have a wonderful life.  I’m sure we will continue to cross paths with Jay in the future.  His new mom works at the local university by our house, and it is a popular place where people bring their dogs (and we bring Bailey) so it is likely we will continue to get to see Jay there.  We will also take Bailey kayaking in the summer and visit Jay as he goes to work with his new dad at the boating rental place.  So today won’t be the last time we see Jay, but it marks the end of his journey with us and the start of his new life in his forever home :)

Be a good boy, Jay.  We love you.


10 Comments to “The Official Goodbye”

  1. How wonderful for Jay, but how bittersweet for you. It’s so nice that you’ll be able to see Jay, though, and I’ll bet he’ll be happy to see you and Bailey too! I’m sure you’ll always be part of his extended family.

  2. I hope your blog inspires others to be foster parents for dogs looking for their forever home.
    Keep up the good work! Thanks to you, Jay has found a new family. Lucky for you
    he is near by so you can see how he’s doing. For a dog, that probably means a lot, especially
    if their earlier life was so unstable and unpredictable. Seeing you now and again (and Baily, too)
    means a constant thread of love.

    • In the future, I’m definitely going to write up a post strictly about what it is like to be a foster parent, and hopefully encourage others to volunteer. It really is such a rewarding experience and so many people say “Oh I could never foster. I would get too attached and would keep them.” but I have found giving them up is not as hard as you would think. When you foster for legitimate rescues and organizations that have their stuff together and REALLY screen their applicants and you know they are going to great homes and families, it’s easy to let them go. The only time I would have a hard time letting a dog go was if it was going to person who couldn’t provide a home as good as or better than what we could provide. However luckily, the one time that almost happened, the rescue sided with me (and oh, i had my reasons, many of them) and they were declined to adopt. Our foster later went on to be adopted by the most amazing woman ever. It’s hard to see them go, and it really takes a toll on Bailey when they leave too, however nothing compares to the good feeling you get knowing that they are in their perfect forever home now.

  3. Sounds like Jay found a home pretty quickly. With that cute face how could someone not love him :) I wish you happiness with your new family Jay.

    • He did find a home really quick. He was only with us for a week and a half. It’s strange. Our foster dogs are either with us for 1 week (about) or 1 month. We have never had any in between time.

  4. Phew, you scared me there for a second! I’ve just got back from our holidays and have come to catch up with your blog, and the first thing I see is a post title about saying goodbye. I’m glad to see that it’s about beautiful Jay finding his forever home. It’s wonderful news, and I wish him all the best with his new family. His new mum and dad look like very nice people, so I’m sure they’ll give Jay a great life! It’s nice that you’ll be able to see him from now on, I can only imagine how hard it is when your ‘baby’ leaves home.

    • That photo is of Craig and I were Jay ;) lol We have a tradition of taking a final photo with our foster dogs before they leave. Because of my (somewhat) recent purchase in a tripod/remote shutter, this was the first time we were able to have a final picture with both of us in it at the same time :)

      His adopters ARE very nice people and the absolute perfect fit for him. I couldn’t be more happy about where Jay has gone, and it makes it that much easier when you know they are going to wonderful homes. Bailey doesn’t quite understand though when the fosters leave and he is always kinda depressed for a couple days afterwards. Last night, Jay’s new people came to pick him up and shortly after we had to leave for Bailey’s training class. When we got home, he was walking around the house whining nonstop all night looking for Jay :( This morning he is done his whining, and is just doing his lazy depressed moping. It’s always hard on him, and he really liked Jay.

      • Oops, sorry! It’s nice to meet you then, I always wonder how my invisible blogging friends from all over the world look like. It’s nice to put a face to the name. :)
        Poor Bailey, he’s such a sweetheart, I can imagine it’s hard for him to part with his friends. It must be hard for you to see him like this, since you can’t just explain to him what’s going on. Luckily, dogs live in the present (or so they say) and recover quickly.
        I really admire you for giving some of your time and love to dogs like Jay, and I admire Bailey for being such a nice boy and welcoming your foster babies wholeheartedly. I know a few dogs who would not be too keen on sharing their family with an ‘intruder’.

  5. I was reading that last comment. It does get pretty confusing sometimes when reading more than one pet blog. I can always remember Bailey and that hes a boy because your posts tend to focus on one dog at a time. But sometimes I always screw up the names and genders of the pets when Im reading about more than one animal. Its so fun to see all the animals of the blogshpere and peek into their lives.

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